Monday, November 12, 2018

A Guest From Rome

Resurrection College Prep staff, faculty, and students welcomed a special guest from Rome on Wednesday, November 6th, Mother Dorota Zygmunt, C.R.  Mother Dorota is the Superior General of the Congregation of the Sisters of the Resurrection.  Following a tour of the school, seniors Sarah Erickson and Janna George, members of the President's Advisory Board, presented her with flowers and Resurrection College Prep High School mementos.

As Superior General, Mother Dorota is the leader for all the Resurrection Sisters in Poland, Italy, White Russia, England, Tanzania, the United States, Australia, Argentina and Canada.

Janna George, Mother Dorota, and Sarah Erickson

Friday, November 9, 2018

Congratulations to Our Fall Athletes

On Monday, November 5th our Fall Athletes were honored at a banquet held at the White Eagle.
Congratulations to our Resurrection Athletes who are truly amazing.  They play hard at sports and show real team spirit but also do fantastically well academically!

We are all very proud of you.

GCAC All Conference
GCAC All Academic
VBall Seniors

Tennis Seniors
Swim Seniors
All Senior Student Athletes

More all Senior Student Athletes

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Hungering for Home, Hungering for Heaven

Today we had a beautiful Liturgy at Res.  We celebrated the Feast of All Saints and anticipated All Souls' Day.  Our celebrant, Father Tim Anastos, reminded us that just like the Saints we should all carry within our hearts a hunger for Heaven.  Why?  Because Heaven is our ultimate home where we will dwell in glory with God.

At the end of Mass we had our traditional procession of remembrances for those who have died among our faculty, families, friends, alumnae, and Sisters of the Resurrection. 

Thank you to the students who created a beautiful "Ofrenda" to remind us to carry and honor the memory of our deceased family and friends.

We ended the event as we traditionally do, with the presentation of scholarships, many of which were presented by the donors.

Thank you to our wonderful Anastasias who worked hard on decorating the Altar and preparing the space for worship.  Thank you to our Communion Ministers, Servers, Readers, Choir and Chamber Musicians!  You did an outstanding job and helped us all lift our hearts and voices in gratitude and hunger to the God who loves us.  HAPPY ALL SAINTS DAY!