Thursday, September 13, 2018


Spreading kindness like confetti is not just a clever cliché at Resurrection but is a commitment to make a difference, to bring joy and respect into each others lives and to help begin a transformation in society where bullying is replaced by intentional and sincere kindness.

Last Friday, September 7th the entire school participated in an kindness program, that included an educational film, private reflection, sharing of thoughts and ideas and a personal commitment to specific acts of kindness.

One week later the Kindness Wall has been transformed from a pretty backdrop to a board with personal commitments.  Kindness is falling like confetti throughout the school. 

Thank you to the team of students and faculty who have taken on the leadership role for the Kindness Program.

Kindness Wall on Friday, September 7th
Kindness Wall One Week Later with Commitments

Getting the Word Out

Resurrection College Prep High School is very fortunate to have two dynamic representatives working to "get the word out" to eight graders that "Res is the High School for them.  Christina Lampa and Kat Angelini are currently visiting area grade schools, scheduling eighth grader for shadow days and making sure there are plenty of Resurrection Lawn signs in the neighborhood.

Ms. Lampa and Ms. Angelini have a lot schools to cover and a lot of eighth grade girls and their parents to speak with, so they definitely appreciate any support you can give them.  If you know eighth grade girls from the grade school you attended, then make sure to stop and talk to them and tell them about your wonderful experience at Res! 

Kat Angelini and Christina Lampa

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Congratulations to Mr. Piwowarski

Congratulations to our Principal, Mr. Piwowarski (Mr. P) for being elected by his Principal Colleagues as the Chair of the Catholic High School Principal Council.  We are very proud of him and it is an honor for our High School to have our Principal serve as the chair!  We wish you God's guidance and blessings Mr. P.