Friday, December 21, 2018

Christmas Joy and Blessings

(2018 Resurrection College Prep High School Christmas Card)

Wishing you and your families a very Blessed and Joyful Christmas.  It is truly an awesome feast as we realize how deeply God loves us, that He would come to dwell among us and experience life as we experience it.   May we rejoice daily in the realization of God's special love for us!  And let's share that love with everyone we meet in the New Year!

May 2019 be a wonderful year for you and your families.

Sunday, December 9, 2018

More Kindness Flowing From Res Students

As the Advent Season progresses kindness continues to flow to all corners of our school and community.

Library Holiday Card Drive for Meals on Wheels
The Resurrection Library sponsored a holiday card drive for Meals on Wheels of Chicago.  Students stopped by the Res Library to decorate and sign cards that will be delivered to senior citizens and individuals with disabilities throughout the city when meals are delivered to them this season!

The National Honor Society and Anastasias Filled Stockings for St. Nicholas Day
In honor of St. Nicholas Day, the Resurrection National Honor Society and the Anastasias Campus Ministry Club hosted an event open to all students, filling 500 Christmas stocking for residents at the Resurrection Retirement Community!  A traditional way of spreading joy to our neighbors.

National Honor Society California Wildfires Fundraiser
Resurrection National Honor Society hosted a Spirit Apparel Day to raise funds to benefit those affected by the California wildfires.

Campus Ministry Toy Drive for Catholic Charities
Resurrection Campus Ministry is hosting a Toy Drive to support the Catholic Charities Annual Celebration of Giving, which provides children and families who are in special need with gifts and necessities during the holiday season.  Celebration of Giving brings joy to many families who otherwise would not be able to celebrate the holidays.

Sunday, December 2, 2018

The Kindness Campaign Continues During the Holiday Season at Resurrection!

Grazie di Cuore - Italian Classes Count Their Blessings

Resurrection Italian classes celebrated the theme for the month of November.  "Count Your Blessings."  All students taking Italian participated in creating a bulletin board entitled Grazia di Cuore (thank you with all my heart).  Students made unique and personal bookmark banners in Italian, including a picture and indicating what they are grateful for in their lives.  Ms. Saponaro and her students found the project uplifting.

Campus Ministry Baby Food Drive

In conjunction with Thanksgiving, Campus Ministry hosted a Baby Food Drive to help low income families and single mothers provide happier holidays for their little ones.

Anastasias and Locker Notes

The Anastasias made little notes of encouragement and posted them on the lockers with the hope that each Resurrection student would feel respected and cared about.  Here are a few samples.

Watch for more later this week!

Monday, November 12, 2018

A Guest From Rome

Resurrection College Prep staff, faculty, and students welcomed a special guest from Rome on Wednesday, November 6th, Mother Dorota Zygmunt, C.R.  Mother Dorota is the Superior General of the Congregation of the Sisters of the Resurrection.  Following a tour of the school, seniors Sarah Erickson and Janna George, members of the President's Advisory Board, presented her with flowers and Resurrection College Prep High School mementos.

As Superior General, Mother Dorota is the leader for all the Resurrection Sisters in Poland, Italy, White Russia, England, Tanzania, the United States, Australia, Argentina and Canada.

Janna George, Mother Dorota, and Sarah Erickson

Friday, November 9, 2018

Congratulations to Our Fall Athletes

On Monday, November 5th our Fall Athletes were honored at a banquet held at the White Eagle.
Congratulations to our Resurrection Athletes who are truly amazing.  They play hard at sports and show real team spirit but also do fantastically well academically!

We are all very proud of you.

GCAC All Conference
GCAC All Academic
VBall Seniors

Tennis Seniors
Swim Seniors
All Senior Student Athletes

More all Senior Student Athletes

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Hungering for Home, Hungering for Heaven

Today we had a beautiful Liturgy at Res.  We celebrated the Feast of All Saints and anticipated All Souls' Day.  Our celebrant, Father Tim Anastos, reminded us that just like the Saints we should all carry within our hearts a hunger for Heaven.  Why?  Because Heaven is our ultimate home where we will dwell in glory with God.

At the end of Mass we had our traditional procession of remembrances for those who have died among our faculty, families, friends, alumnae, and Sisters of the Resurrection. 

Thank you to the students who created a beautiful "Ofrenda" to remind us to carry and honor the memory of our deceased family and friends.

We ended the event as we traditionally do, with the presentation of scholarships, many of which were presented by the donors.

Thank you to our wonderful Anastasias who worked hard on decorating the Altar and preparing the space for worship.  Thank you to our Communion Ministers, Servers, Readers, Choir and Chamber Musicians!  You did an outstanding job and helped us all lift our hearts and voices in gratitude and hunger to the God who loves us.  HAPPY ALL SAINTS DAY!

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Special Guest From Rome

On November 7th we will have a very special guest at Resurrection College Prep High School, Mother Dorota Zygmunt, C.R.  Mother Dorota is the Superior General of the Congregation of the Sisters of the Resurrection.  As Superior General, Mother Dorota is the leader for all the Resurrection Sisters in Poland, White Russia, Italy, England, Tnnzania, United States, Australia, Argentina and Canada.  

Mother will be touring the school from 9:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.  So if you see her please give her a warm welcome!
Mother Dorota

Friday, October 26, 2018

Feast Day of Blessed Celine

Today the Catholic Church celebrates the Feastday of Blessed Celine Borzecka, C.R.   Blessed Celine and her daughter were the foundresses of the Congregation of the Sisters of the Resurrection.  Blessed Celine is a role model for women of today as she was a Wife, a Mother, a Grandmother, a Vowed Religious and a Religious Woman who understood, cared about and actively responded to the needs of society and taught her Religious Sisters to zealously do as well.
Blessed Celine was born on October 29,  1833, died on October 26, 1913 and was beatified on October 27, 2007.
As we approach the feast of All Saints Day (November 1st) we can all feel a special comfort in knowing we have our own Blessed Celine praying for all of us at Resurrection College Prep High School.
 Celine as young woman       & as religious

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Congratulations Juniors!

Congratulations to our Juniors on a beautiful Ring Mass and Ceremony!  Wear your Resurrection College Prep High School with pride!

We are all very proud of you, God bless you.

Caroline Byrne, Natalie Shamon, Tara Folino, Marol Kolbash Liliana Cardenas

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Spirit Week 2018

The week of September 23rd was filled with many activities that demonstrated the energy and pride behind Resurrection's Spirit Week!
Monday's Pep Rally was filled with fun and displays of talent from our cheer leaders, orchesis dancers, and our very own circus themes!

Tuesday started with the Seniors Annual Tailgate party in the school parking lot.  Later in the morning the entire school participated in the annual Walk-A-Thon.  This year the walk ended with the movie "The Greatest Showman."

Seniors at the Tailgate

students walking to the Pickwick

It was truly a great week filled with joy and team spirit!

Thursday, September 13, 2018


Spreading kindness like confetti is not just a clever cliché at Resurrection but is a commitment to make a difference, to bring joy and respect into each others lives and to help begin a transformation in society where bullying is replaced by intentional and sincere kindness.

Last Friday, September 7th the entire school participated in an kindness program, that included an educational film, private reflection, sharing of thoughts and ideas and a personal commitment to specific acts of kindness.

One week later the Kindness Wall has been transformed from a pretty backdrop to a board with personal commitments.  Kindness is falling like confetti throughout the school. 

Thank you to the team of students and faculty who have taken on the leadership role for the Kindness Program.

Kindness Wall on Friday, September 7th
Kindness Wall One Week Later with Commitments

Getting the Word Out

Resurrection College Prep High School is very fortunate to have two dynamic representatives working to "get the word out" to eight graders that "Res is the High School for them.  Christina Lampa and Kat Angelini are currently visiting area grade schools, scheduling eighth grader for shadow days and making sure there are plenty of Resurrection Lawn signs in the neighborhood.

Ms. Lampa and Ms. Angelini have a lot schools to cover and a lot of eighth grade girls and their parents to speak with, so they definitely appreciate any support you can give them.  If you know eighth grade girls from the grade school you attended, then make sure to stop and talk to them and tell them about your wonderful experience at Res! 

Kat Angelini and Christina Lampa

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Congratulations to Mr. Piwowarski

Congratulations to our Principal, Mr. Piwowarski (Mr. P) for being elected by his Principal Colleagues as the Chair of the Catholic High School Principal Council.  We are very proud of him and it is an honor for our High School to have our Principal serve as the chair!  We wish you God's guidance and blessings Mr. P.

Friday, August 31, 2018

Congratulations to 2018 Res Scholars

Resurrection College Prep High School honored the top ranking students in each class after the August 27, 2018 Back to School Liturgy, which marked the first all-school gathering for the new school year.  The top ten students in the sophomore, junior and senior classes and the incoming freshmen with the top ten entrance exam scores were awarded medals.  The Class of 2022 Res Scholars were awarded the Resurrection College Prep Block Family Foundation Top Ten Tester Scholarship.

Freshmen Res Scholars -  Class of 2022
Allison Calumet, Caroline Flynn, Phoebe Galfano, Grace Gumiela, Julia Gutzman, Rachael Lally, Daniella Perfetti, Kyra Roselund, Grace Sondermann and Lydia Williams

Sophomore Res Scholars - Class of 2021
Alexandra Bazianos, Casey Brannigan, Josephine D'Angelo, Kaylee Dolatowski, Bailey Finley, Angelique Kamarinos, Lauren Lessner, Ella Narowski, Kayla Villaraza and Kellie Wijas
Junior Res - Class of 2020
Emma Gillespie, Reagan McEleney, Rosemary Mullaghy, Grace Pavlik, Emily Riccio, Colleen Richardson, Clare Ryan, Natalie Shamon, Alexis Suleiman and Shuru Wang
Senior Res Scholars - Class of 2019
Maya Austin, Angela Christie, Kayla DeCicco, Sarah Erickson, Abbey Garcia, Janna George, Viviann Markech, Morgan McCarthy, Erin Nolan and Kiarra Villareza

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Revealing the Resurrection 2017 Volleyball Banner

The 2018 Resurrection Volleyball home opening game on August 29, 2018 was marked by honoring the Resurrection 2017 Volleyball team who made the school's first appearance for a State title in November, 2017.  The Resurrection 2017 Bandits Volleyball team took second place in the IHSA 3A Girls Volleyball Finals at the Redbird Arena in Bloomington, Illinois and Resurrection honored the team with last night's reveal of the Resurrection 2017 Volleyball State Championship Runner-Up Banner.

At the 2018 home opening game, all members of the 2017 Resurrection Varsity team and their coaches were honored.  Team members included Kacie Bemis '18, Taylor Besch '18, Isabella Bongiorno '20, Caitlin Coughlin '20, Christina Gatta '19, Alexandria Kalamaris '18, Natalie McDermott '18, Madison McEnaney '18, Emily Nytko '19, Gabriella O'Hehir '19, Jordyn Sprunk '18, and Brittany Welch '18.  Resurrection graduates who were unable to attend the banner reveal were represented by their parents, many of whom live-streamed the event with their daughters who are away at college.

We are proud to mark the accomplishments of these amazing student-athletes and we wish the 2018 Volleyball team the best as they follow last year's legacy!

Special thank you to Kathleen Heneghan for the marvelous photography of the revealing of the banner!

Wednesday, August 29, 2018


Cheerleaders are very special people!  For football teams it is absolutely vital to have a strong and enthusiastic group of cheerleaders.  Cheerleaders affirm the team when it is doing well and encourages them to continue to put their heart in the game and not "drop the ball" to success.  When the team is doing poorly the cheerleaders continue to believe in them and to encourage them to fight hard and not give up. 

Cheerleaders are selfless givers and persons with deep hope and resilience and they bring out the best in the team they cheer on. 

We are all called to be cheerleaders for one another!  We are called to affirm others when they
do well and called to believe in and encourage others when things are not going well. 
Thank you Res/Notre Dame cheerleaders for showing us how to cheer others on!  Congratulations to the 25 young ladies from Resurrection who are part of the Junior Varsity Notre Dame Cheer and the Varsity Notre Dame Cheers:

Mia Belcastro
Serafina Cicirello
Meaghan d'Escoto
Catie d'Escoto
Julianne Dobek
Bailey Finley
Audrey Fitzgerald
Ariana Folino
Kate Goodman
Maureen O'Brien
Daniella Perfetti
Anna Ricciardi
Colleen Richardson
Ava Scialabba
Abbygail Taylor
Melinda Tinoco
Brooklyn Blomquist
MaryKate Borner
Maggie Duda
Lily Hague
Giuliana LaPorte
Olivia Sarnecki
Emma Sawchuk
Alexis Suleiman
Allie Toliopoulos


Thursday, August 16, 2018

Legacy Walk

As promised, today we will view the second new addition to the campus:  the "Brick Legacy Walk." This lovely path leads from front road of the school campus to the flag poll.  Thank you to Alisa Martorano for the months of hard work she put into planning the walk, working with donors on the details of their bricks, and finally working with Steve Sutter and his staff in planning and directing the layout of the bricks and the positioning of the memorial benches.  Congratulations Alisa, Steve and staff!

Besides being a beautiful feature on our campus the path is a wonderful way of recognizing and remembering people and raising additional funds for the school's scholarship and tuition assistance programs.

Please feel free to meander down the Legacy Walk and make sure to pause and rest on one of the lovely and comfortable benches!

On Sunday, September 16th there will be a blessing and dedication of this special new addition.

installation of the walk
the walk completed

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Res Cafe

Welcome back to Resurrection College Prep High School!  I hope everyone had a wonderful summer with a balance of relaxation and fun!  Those of us who were working at school during the summer preparing for the 2018-19 school year, want you to know that we really, really missed you!

While you were gone we made, what we think, are some exciting and fun changes in the school and on the campus!

First, there is a new look to the cafeteria!  The owners of a beautiful office building in Schaumburg made a donation of some lovely high tables and chairs which we have put in the cafeteria.  With the new look comes a new name, so now please note the sign over the door which reads: Res Cafe

Watch the blog over the next few days for the second new feature on campus!

May God bless and guide you throughout the coming year!


Monday, August 13, 2018

Welcome Back to Res Faculty and Staff

After a two and a half month break our faculty and staff returned for two days of inservice sessions, planning and time to prepare their classrooms.  At 11:20 a.m. we had Mass and a commissioning service.

We prayed in a special way for our students!  We hope that this will be an outstanding year in everyway and a year of great achievement and many blessings!

Commissioning Service

Thursday, June 14, 2018

2018 President's Art Award

Every year I have the privilege of selecting one original art piece from among those displayed by the students.  The art piece is selected based on originality, creativity, color, texture, perspective and power to inspire. 

This year's award went to Mairead Skelton for her oil painting of "Giant's Causeway." 

If you are of Irish heritage, I am sure you are very familiar with both the natural beauty of the almost 40,000 interlocking basalt columns that make up this causeway on the coast of county Antrim, and the fascinating Irish mythology connected with it.  If you are not familiar with either the natural beauty of this causeway or the mythology, take time to look it up and you will appreciate Mairead's painting even more!

Congratulations Mairead on your beautiful artwork that will soon be framed and will be proudly displayed at Resurrection College Prep High School!

Mairead Skelton with her painting of "Giant's Causeway"


Thursday, May 10, 2018

Religion Project that Will Make a Difference at Res

Congratulations and thank you to four seniors who did a unique and meaningful project for Sr. Mary Ann's class.  Their project was putting together for future Res students a Res Girl's Declassified High School Survival Guide.  They did such a great job on the guide that Connie Castellucci, Director of Enrollment, has decided to include this guide to help future students gain a better understanding of the school. 

Thank you to:

Lauren O'Conner
Maddie Sabella
Mairead Skelton
Melanee Tannehill
left to right:  Melanee, Maddie, Connie Castellucci, Lauren Mairead

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Tribute to Sister Lydia Mary, C.R.

Yesterday, May 7, 2018, Sister Lydia Mary Yokiel, C.R. left this world to enjoy and experience eternal life.  Sister Lydia Mary was only 2 1/2 months away from her 105th Birthday and in August would have celebrated her 85th Anniversary of professing her vows as a Sister of the Resurrection.

Resurrection College Prep High School was very special to Sister Lydia Mary.  Sister taught biology at Res and later became the principal.  Sister Lydia Mary was also responsible for helping design and plan the building we are in today. 

There are many outstanding things about Sister Lydia Mary but perhaps what most people remember and say about her is how much she loved people and how pleasant and generous she was about giving time to people.

The last few years of her life Sister was unable to recognize people or carry on a conversation but she gave everyone the gift of her beautiful smile.  One person Sister lovingly recognized until the very end was the one she gave her life to, Jesus.  When anyone brought Holy Communion to her, she looked intently at the Host, folded her hands and received her Jesus.

There is a book called, When God Winks:  Power of Coincidence Guides Your Life.  Well, I think God winked at least twice the day Sister died. 

First wink, there is one time in the Bible when the name Lydia appears.  The biblical Lydia lived at the time of Saint Paul.  The day Sister died the reading of the day at Mass mentioned Lydia the seller of purple cloth who befriended Saint Paul and the disciples.  Coincidence?  Maybe, but I think it was a wink from God to say, "Welcome home Sister Lydia Mary."

Sister Lydia Mary, C.R.
Second wink, came with the blessing and dedication of the new Sister Lydia Mary Welcome Center at Resurrection College Prep High School.  This event had been planned for several weeks and could have been planned to occur on any day from mid-April to mid-May.  Was it a coincidence that the ribbon cutting and blessing occurred on May 7th, the day Sister died?  I think it was a second wink to remind all of us how much Sister Lydia Mary loves Res and to let us know that she will continue to pray for us from her new home.

May God bless Sister Lydia Mary with eternal joy!

Sr. Virginia Ann, niece of Sr. Lydia Mary, cutting the ribbon

Father Dan McCarthy Blessing the new Sr. Lydia Mary Welcome Center

Monday, May 7, 2018

Congratulations to Six Seniors

Congratulations to Seniors who recently signed for college sports:
            Taylor Besch, volleyball at Allegheny College
Veronica Kieres, basketball - University of Wisconsin - Whitewater
                Sarah Nader, lacrosse at St. Ambrose University
                Erin O'Farrell, lacrosse at Upper Iowa University

In November two other seniors signed for college sports:
         Joanna Cirrincione, softball at Grand Valley State University
             Brittany Welch, volleyball at New Mexico State University

We are all very proud of you and happy for you.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Last night, April 11th, the Sisters of the Resurrection honored three  members of the Resurrection College Prep High School staff:  Kathleen Heneghan, Alisa Martorano and Mary Kaye Ulczak.   The celebration was to recognize them upon the completion of the Resurrection Leadership Formation Program. 
All three are alumna of Resurrection, all three have spent most of their adult life working at Resurrection, all three are passionate about Catholic Education and in particular the education of young women in academics and faith.
 Three years ago Kathleen, Alisa and Mary Kaye became the first to embark on a new journey, a Resurrection Leadership Formation Program.  They were brave pioneers who invested hours of time, work, and personal contributions in order to deepen their understanding of, commitment to and leadership role in witnessing and teaching the values, vision and goals of our Resurrection charism, pedagogy and most importantly the Gospel challenge and call to women. 

The Sisters of the Resurrection are privileged and honored to have lay partners like Kathleen, Alisa and Mary Kaye.

Alisa Martorano, Sr. Donna Marie, Mary Kaye Ulczak, and Kathleen Heneghan