Friday, October 27, 2017

Over the Rainbow

A unique piece of Sunday's Fashion Show was the appearance of Dorothy and the scarecrow!  They sang a wonderful song about finding friendship, happiness and a wonderful educational experience at Resurrection!  Great singing, dancing and creativity!

A great big thank you to all our wonderful students, staff, parents and alumnae who were models and guests!

Please visit the Resurrection facebook to see more photos from the fashion show!

Abigail Lantvit - scarecrow and Kayla DiFranco - as Dorothy

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Feast Day of Blessed Celine

Today the Church celebrates the feastday of Blessed Celine Borzecka, the foundress of the Congregation of the Sisters of the Resurrection!  We are grateful to God for the gift that Blessed Celine is to the Church, for her vision of Catholic education and for her commitment to the education of young women.

Blessed Celine as a young wife

Blessed Celine's two daughters

Blessed Celine as a nun

Friday, October 20, 2017

Principal Appreciation Day in Illinois

Happy Principal Appreciation Day to Resurrection's Principal, Mr. Piwowarski!

Governor Bruce Rauner has proclaimed today a special day to show appreciation for the dedication, vision and leadership of principals throughout the State of Illinois.

Here at Resurrection we say a special "thank you" to Mr. P. for his commitment to education that is academically excellent and rich with Gospel values!  We are proud of our Principal and grateful for all he does!

Mr. Piwowarski

Friday, October 13, 2017

Congratulations to Mariela and Taylor

Congratulations to Mariela Alvarado, a current sophomore, who was crowned Reina De Desfile Ecuatoriano (Miss Teen Ecuador) this past summer.  Mariela and her family went to New Jersey for the event.  One of the goals of the program is to help raise funds for the less fortunate living in Ecuador.

Last weekend, Taylor Cohen, a current senior not only took part in the marathon, but actually completed it.  Congratulations Taylor!

You will be able to read more about Mariela and Taylor in the next issue of the Res Banner.

Mariela Alvarado


Taylor Cohen

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Congratulations Juniors!

Congratulations to the Resurrection College Prep High School Class of 2019!  They had a beautiful School Ring Ceremony last Thursday!  The Mass was lovely and memorable.   Both the choir and the chamber orchestra were wonderful!

When you see the Juniors in school make sure to stop and ask to see their rings!  They are all lovely and reflect both the tradition of Resurrection and the unique spirit of each student.

Here are some photos!

Another Treasure - Mark Joseph

Mark Joseph was a second miracle baby.  Only a few hours old, Mark Joseph was found on November 13, 1981 at 11 p.m.  A security guard stepped out of the Emergency Room of Resurrection Medical Center to do a routine check of ambulance loading zone.  Against the wall of the building the guard found was a brown paper bag.  He went over to examine it.  Low and behold inside the bag was a newborn baby boy.  The baby was wrapped in a yellow blanket and was crying.  The nurses named the baby, Mark Joseph.  We took care of him until the Department of Children and Family Services was able to take him.  Later they found a family to adopt him.

Today "Mark Joseph" is 36 years old.  Unfortunately, I never heard what happened to him after DCSF gave him to an adoptive family.  But, once again here is a story of a special person who in spite of a very tough beginning, has become part of loving family who treasure him.

Today there are laws that did not exist in 1980 or 1981.  These new laws allow mothers to take babies to safe havens so they can be adopted by other families.

In October we are reminded that every life is a "Gift" and a "Treasure."

Baby Mark Joseph

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Remembering Baby Jessica

October is traditionally a special month for reflecting on the precious gift of life. 

As a nurse, I always found being present for the birth of a baby was the most awesome experience.  To witness the first breath and to hear the first cry is a sacred moment one never forgets.

There were two babies whose stories touched my life deeply.  They were babies whose lives were at serious risk but who certainly were under God's watchful eye.  I shared these stories a year ago, but I think you might like to read them again.

I will share one story with you now and one next week.

The first story is about Baby Jessica.  It was June 19, 1980 at 10:30 p.m. when a brown paper bag was found between two parked cars in the Emergency Parking lot of Resurrection Medical Center.  A father and mother were bringing their young daughter to the ER when they saw the bag and heard what they thought was a cat purring.  When they opened the bag, there was a newborn baby.  Wrapped in a green towel and weighing 6 pounds and 3 1/2 ounces, the baby girl was surprisingly well.

We called the baby, Jessica, and cared for her until Catholic Charities was able to take her and find a family to adopt her.  On behalf of the hospital I signed several of the documents needed for Jessica's transfer.  Little did I know that signing those papers would reconnect Jessica and myself years later.

It was like a second miracle when 25 years later I received a call from Jessica who wanted to learn more about her birth.  Jessica came to visit me with her husband.  She wanted to hear any and all stories connected with the night we found her.  I had newspaper clippings and pictures to share with her.  I was even able to connect her with the pediatrician who cared for her and with the nurse in the picture below.

Jessica had been adopted and raised by a wonderful family, had a great education, married a wonderful man and had three sons.  When I looked at the adult Jessica, I realized how very special she was and continues to be to God.  God protected her from so many dangers that night in June and now years later she is making a difference in the lives of her own family.

Jessica's story reminds us how precious each life is.

Baby Jessica

Monday, October 2, 2017

Candlelight Procession

Sunday evening, October 1st, we celebrated Resurrection's 95th Anniversary Year with a Candlelight Procession.  It was an opportunity to unite our heritage with our present and our future. 

Among those participating in the procession were Sisters of the Resurrection, members of the administration, faculty, coaches, students, families, friends and neighbors.  Everyone carried battery operated candles that glowed in the evening twilight.

The Procession started at the Lourdes Grotto that has been part of the campus from the very beginning and was the location for May Crowning events during the early years of the high school.

From the Grotto we processed to the statue of the Guardian Angel where we left a candle and prayed for protection of all our students.  The group then proceeded to the front door of the original school, next to a statue of Mary in front of the Convent, and then to the chapel which houses many artifacts that were part of the chapel in the original school.  In chapel the group sang a song and four representatives placed bouquets of flowers in front of the statue of Mary:  Ms. Noreen Maluchnik represented the faculty and staff, Ms. Barbara Nakanishi represented the more than 14,000 alumnae, Carson McGrath represented the 480 current students, and Riley McGrath represented the future generations of students.

The group then processed to the gate that leads to Talcott Avenue and the group reflected on the original farms that the Sisters managed in order to raise the funds needed to build the High School.

The procession ended at the door to the current school where all prayed in thanksgiving for the generous donors who continue to help support the school and the dreams of the students who attend Resurrection.  Deacon John blessed the group and then all proceeded to the cafeteria where the Parent's Club treated the group with ice cream sundaes!

At the Grotto

At the Guardian Angel Statue

Carson McGrath, Riley McGrath, Ms. Barbara Nakanishi, Ms. Noreen Maluchnik


Sunset - God's work of art - during the Candlelight Procession


Ending with Ice Cream Sundaes