Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Throwing Kindness Like Confetti

I often have the privilege of touring people through Resurrection and so often they comment:  "There is something very special in the faces of the students and the staff.  People are smiling and the students greet you."  Yes, there is something very special and I think our Guidance Department Staff have summarized that "something" very clearly!  It is the free and generous gift of "kindness."

To celebrate the wonderful gift of kindness, the Guidance Staff started a "Confetti Board" outside their office.  The board encourages all of us to:  "Throw Kindness Like Confetti."  Passers by are encouraged to write the names of people at Res who have shown special acts of kindness to others.  The board is becoming more beautiful each day...kindness is visible, is acknowledged, is appreciated and is "Thrown Like Confetti" everywhere. 

That is what makes Res a very special place! 
Ms. Mary Bridich and Ms. Elissa Lopez-Inthisane

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Congratulations Father Dan McCarthy

On Wednesday, March 15th the entire student bodies, faculty and staff of Notre Dame and Resurrection College Prep High Schools participated in a beautiful Liturgy to celebrate Father Dan McCarthy's 50th Anniversary of ordination to the priesthood. 

It was a beautiful tribute to a priest who has faithfully lived his promise to God; to love and care for His people.  The Notre Dame/Resurrection Band and Choir provided beautiful and inspiring music and singing.  And to close the celebration the Shannon Rovers led the procession out.

Thank you Father Dan for living your ordination promises, thank you enriching our lives, and thank you for:  Believing what you read in Scripture, teaching us what you believe, and being a shining example as you practice what you teach.


"The King and I" a Top Rated Performance

"Unbelievable for a high school play!" 
"It was like a performance in downtown Chicago!"
"These student actresses and actors perform with heart."
"I would never have expected such powerful and confident singing at a high school play!"

These are just a few of the comments I heard when I asked people leaving the Theater if they enjoyed the show.

"The King and I" was a challenging performance in everyway with lengthy dialog, a variety of dance, many characters with singing parts, a large cast, make-up, frequent changes in lighting, etc.., etc., etc.
but all three performances were "Top Rated Performances."

To the entire cast and crew congratulations on an outstanding performance!  To Ms. Bohlander, Ms. Erin Smith, Ms. Kathie Foszcz, and Ms. Sheena Laird thank you for your fabulous direction.

Sean Cunningham/King, Katia Velisaris/Anna and Sairis Perez-Gomez/LadyThiang
Nicole LeBoeuf/TupTim,
Olivia Whitmore/Princess & Royal Dancer
Natalie Rechner/Wife & Royal Dancer
Royal Child/Julie Bridich
Back row:  Bonita Odigie/Royol Child
Front row: Royal Children/Madelyn Camarillo,
 Gabrielle Camarillo, Riley McGrath
Stage Manager:  Anna Apostolos
Ms. Kathie Foszcz/ Costume/Make-Up Design
 & Mary Katherine Bohlander/Director

Sunday, March 12, 2017

My Heroine

This year, the week of March 8th through 14th has been designated as "National Catholic Sisters Week."  Ever since I was six years old my life has been touched and inspired by outstanding women religious whom I have been blessed to know.  Many of these women have been heroines and role models for me.

I would like to tell you a little bit about one special heroine who continues to inspire me, Sister Stephanie Blaszczynski, C.R.  She is an absolutely remarkable woman in everyway.

I have known Sister Stephanie since I was a sophomore at Resurrection High School.  Sister taught physics and was loved by all the students.  She was happy and kind to everyone.  You could tell she loved being a sister and loved teaching.  She made every effort to make school meaningful, understandable and fun.

Being a young sister at that time she even joined us students in playing volleyball, and she could really spike the ball.

Throughout my years in religious life I have found her to be the same kind and generous person at home with the other sisters.  She is always ready to listen when someone needs to talk, she is there to share your joy or pain, and she is the first person you can go to when you need a helping hand.

Sister Stephanie is a woman of prayer and faith.  Perhaps that is what I admire most about her.  Her faith  is not something she talks about but something she lives.  It is her faith that gave her the  readiness, to leave her homeland at the age of 70 and start an all girls high school in Tanzania, Africa.  Like Abraham and Sarah she answered the call to leave everything she knew and go to an unknown place and people.  Sister Stephanie, a woman of faith went to a foreign land where she met up with three other Resurrection sisters from Poland.  Under her leadership, and trusting in God they worked in a foreign land, without running water, with a strange language, unfamiliar foods, poisionous snakes, etc., etc., etc., and yet, filled with joy and love they touched the lives and hearts of the young women of Africa.

Happy National Catholic Sisters Week Sister Stephanie, you are awesome!

Sister Stephanie with students in Africa

Sister Stephanie is to your left

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Looking for A Sign

The readings at Mass this morning have a very special message for all of us who are part of the Resurrection College Prep High School Community!  The readings remind us all that as human beings we look for signs: signs of spring, signs that we are making the right choice or decision, signs that medications are working, and on and on.  But the one sign that is the greatest reassurance comes to us in the Resurrection of Jesus. 

Bishop Baron is one of my favorite writers and preachers.  He has a clear and heartfelt ability to connect Scripture to our lived experiences of today.  

Here is his reflection on today's Lenten readings and their prophetic promise of Resurrection!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Remembering February and Beginning Lent

Heavy winds and rain carried February 2017 away but left us with many wonderful memories. 
The last seven days had some exciting activities that filled our school community with pride and left us with wonderful memories:

1.  Congratulations to the Notre Dame/Resurrection Band!  On Saturday February 18th they received 1st place in Class AA & Best Percussion for the third year in a row at State of the Art Catholic Band Competition at Marion Catholic High School.  They narrowly missed winning Grand Champion by .33 points!  We are so proud of our band.

On Saturday, February 25th, the band received 1st place in Group II & Best Brass at the Midwest Music Festival at Lemont High School. 

In addition, Mr. Wallace was inducted into the Band Director Hall of Fame at the Midwest Music Festival for his dedication to Catholic education for the past 15 years.

This is the first time in the band's history that they won 1st place at both competitions in the same year!  GREAT JOB!

Enjoy the sample of their music!

Darklands March

2.  Scrubs Club Visited Loyola University School of Medicine:  On President's Day 14 members of the Scrubs Club and three chaperones spent a morning with a medical student and several staff members in the simulation lab at Loyola practicing life saving skills and CPR.  The students also had a opportunity to spend time with the medical student in the cadaver lab and tour the school's museum where they saw unusual specimens. 
Later that week a staff member from Solidarity Bridge, (a medical missionary organization that serves the poor of Bolivia) gave the club a presentation and shared videos on the work they do with the poor of Bolivia.  The club presented Solidarity Bridge with a check for $625 to pay for open heart surgery on a Bolivian infant.  The money was raised by the club on a "spirit apparel day."
At the end of the month another group of scrubs students completed a 3 1/2 hour CPR Certification Class.  This brings the number of Scrubs Club members trained in CPR to 32.  We should all fee safer knowing we have these rescuers in our midst!
3.  Charity & Truth Gala/Ruby Anniversary:  The Gala, our major fundraising event for the year was a great success.  One of our major goals for this event is to raise funds to grow our tuition assistance program.  We are grateful to Erin Smith and the young ladies of our Resurrection Women's Choir for their beautiful singing.  They opened the evening by singing, "The Prayer."  Everyone was deeply moved.  Later they entertained the guests with additional songs.  They made us all very proud.
Thank you to Kellie Rohrer for giving a moving testimonial and to eleven other students who served at the event and represented the student body.  The guests were very impressed with the students of Resurrection College Prep High School.
Thank you to all the faculty, staff, family and friends who helped to support the event and our students.
More pictures will be coming later!
4.  A new twist to an old jar:  Last year I told you about my "Lenten Jar" filled with names and activities that I would pick each day.  This year I have a new twist, I have two jars:  One for acts of love and one for prayer intentions for family members, other sisters, friends, faculty & staff members, students and new prayer partners who promised to add me to their Lenten jar, like Riley McGrath. Each morning I pick two papers, one from each jar.  I have something to do and someone to pray for.  This new twist wasn't something I thought of it was an idea from a friend.  I guess that is part of what Lent is about, new life, growth, sharing a new twist!  Blessings on your Lenten Journey!