Thursday, February 16, 2017

Resurrection Girls are Resilient and Courageous

The Resurrection Bowling Team truly validates that Res girls have resilience and courage.  From the beginning of the season this bowling team was stellar.  Many people expected that this team could be, would be champions at the state level.

Then just a few weeks ago the bowling team experienced a frightening accident.  Some teams might have called it quits for the rest of the season, but not this team.  With the help and encouragement of their coaches they worked hard, with sore wrists and achy arms, to get back to their pre-accident status.  And like the phoenix, they rose up again.

Our Resurrection Bowling Team are GCAC and Regional Champions and placed 3rd in Sectionals qualifying them to advance to State!  Wow!  Today we send them off to Rockford to compete at the State Level!

They are an inspiration to all of us!  We are very, very proud of them and our prayers go with them!


Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Lorena Soria and Random Acts of Kindness Week

Making a difference in the world is a theme that runs through the lives of many Resurrection Students, and this week Lorena Soria helped share that zeal with Chicago news viewers! 

 Lorena and a student from another high school, were interviewed by ABC 7 News.  They explained how high school soccer players were kicking off a "National Random Acts of Kindness Week" (February 12th through 18th). 

Thank you Lorena and to all who are supporting this week.  You inspire us and remind us of how little acts of kindness ripple out to touch many lives and make the world a better place.

Lorena Soria being interviewed by ACB 7 News (Photo only)

Thursday, February 2, 2017

The Power of Dreams and Faith

One hundred and seventeen years ago today the first 4 Resurrection Sisters arrived in Chicago to teach at Saint Mary of the Angels on Hermitage Ave!  They sailed across the ocean in a steam ship, travelled from New York by train, and finally came by horse and buggy from downtown Chicago to Saint Mary's! 

And today here we are at Resurrection College Pre High School on Talcott Ave!  See what a small number of women with a dream and faith in God can do!

Keep dreaming and believing in God's power in your life, wonderful things will happen!

Blessed Celine
Started Sisters of Resurrection
Resurrection Student Leaders Today
Tomorrow's Women Making a Difference
Resurrection College Prep
100 Years Ago was a Dream of 4 Sisters
Today it is a Place Where
Dreams of Young are Supported


Students Commissioned for Service in the Church

On Monday, January 30th the Res School Community began Catholic School's Week with a beautiful Liturgy.  After the Gospel and Homily, Father Gene Szarek, C.R. blessed 25 students and commissioned them as Communion Ministers.  They will now help with the distribution of Holy Communion at school liturgies and they will also be able to assist in their Parishes as needed.  This brings our total number of Communion Ministers at Resurrection to over 50!

We congratulate these young women for their  important new role in the Church and their service to the people of God.

Special thank you to Chelsea Piper, Campus Minister, for preparing and training the young women for this Church Ministry.

Our new Communion Ministers are the following:

Natalie McDermott
Abigail Lantvit
Giang Vu
Sarah Erickson
Alexa DiBenedetto
Danielle LaSusa
Samantha Pagani
Mackenzie van Horn
Colleen Durkan
Alexandria Ferraresi
Alyssa Hecker
Tara Nikolich
Marissa Fico
Emily Knup
Brigid Early
Emily Gutzman
Danielle O’Gara
Aoife Swan
Angela McGlade
Justine Hernandez
Kim Dunleavy
Rebecca Gold
Maggie Beese
Bridget McKenna

Ciara McAleer

Father Szarek praying over the new Communion Ministers

New Communion Ministers receive their blessed pins