Sunday, January 29, 2017

Catholic Schools Week 2017

Congratulations to everyone who serves, supports and participates in Catholic Education!  This is our week to celebrate.  We celebrate our freedom as Americans to have faith based schools.  We celebrate our commitment to:
  • academic excellence, 
  • planting the seeds for life-long learning, 
  • creating a passion for service to others, 
  • preparing leaders for parishes and local churches, 
  • developing life-long personal friendships with God,
  • creating an environment where diversity is celebrated and respected.  
Thank you for all you do to help make Catholic Education Possible, Meaningful and Alive in the World today!

May God continue to bless our students, our faculty and staff and all who support Resurrection College Prep High School and all other Catholic Schools throughout the Country!

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Dreams in the Making - Take a Look at the Nurses & Doctors of Tomorrow

Res students who are dreaming of being a nurse or doctor in the future had some real hands on experiences this week.  On Tuesday 45 members of the Scrubs Club spent Seminars A and B at Resurrection Medical Center.  The group was divided into smaller groups each having different experiences:  hands on experience in the simulation lab with an adult mannequin and an obstetrical mannequin, others had a tour of the open heart surgery surgical suite, some saw a live telemedicine demonstration, and one group learned how to take blood pressures and pulse rates.  This field trip is done three times in the course of the year so that each club member has the opportunity to participate in each of the learning experiences.

On Wednesday 9 members of the Scrubs Club spent 3 hours being trained in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation with nurse educators Mariana Wrzosek, Cynthia Brennan, and Virginia Logan from Presence Resurrection Medical Center.  At the end of the class these students were certified by the American Heart Association in Heartsaver CPR AED.  7 more club members are scheduled for this training class at the end of February.

Thank you to the  Administration and Staff of Presence Resurrection Medical Center for their generous support.  We appreciate their partnering with us to help our young women begin the journey to prepare for their dreams of being the nurses and doctors making a difference in tomorrow's world.

In addition to learning skills, Res students also have the opportunity to be inspired by nurses who are passionate about caring for others.

Here are some photos of the nurses and doctors of tomorrow!  Take a good look, they may take care of you one day!

Simulation Lab

Simulation Lab

Simulation Lab

CPR Class

CPR Class

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Rachel Dietz '19 is Honored

Congratulations to Resurrection's very own, Rachel Dietz '19.  Rachel is a sophomore and recently received the Ignite the Spirit Don Fox ScholarshipIgnite the Spirit is a Chicago Fire Department charitable organization which supports the families of Chicago firefighters.

Each year the Don Fox Scholarship is awarded to two students who excel in athletics and academics.  The scholarship is for $2,500.

Rachel Dietz is a Res Scholar, a participant in the Mother Celine Scholars Program, a member of the Scrubs Club and a member of Key Club which is an organization that focuses on service.  At Resurrection Rachel has been a member of both the tennis and lacrosse teams.

Congratulations Rachel!  We are very proud of you.


Sunday, January 22, 2017

Remember to Hug Your Mom Today

Today, January 23rd is a day each one of us should give our mothers a great big hug and thank them for being our mom, for loving us into life, and caring for us each and everyday!

The Bishops of the United States have declared January 23rd as a Day of Prayer for the Legal Protection of Unborn Children.  It is a day to reflect on how precious a gift each human life is.  It is a day to remember how many infants have been aborted and have not had a chance to see the stars, to kiss their mom and dad, to learn, to make friends and to simply live.  Since 1973 when abortion became legal in the United States, over 58,000,000 babies have been aborted.

Who knows who was among those 58 million babies.  Maybe someone who would have been a best friend to you or me, or perhaps someone who would have found a cure for some form of cancer, or someone with a lovely smile like the baby in the above picture.  Each of those 58 million persons who were aborted have left a hole in the fabric of our world which can never be replaced by anyone else.

Celine Dion has freely shared her story about almost being aborted.  When Celine's mother got pregnant with her 14th child she wanted to abort, but a priest encouraged her not to.  Celine says, "I owe my life to that priest.  Once she got over her disappointment, my mother didn't waste any time on self-pity, and loved me as passionately as she'd loved the last little one."

Celine Dion

So let's give our mom's great big hugs today, and say a prayer for mom's who are struggling with a decision!


Thursday, January 19, 2017

Prayers of Thanks and Healing Hugs

                                    For the Resurrection Bandit Bowling Team and Coaches

As a sign of our solidarity with our Resurrection Bandit Bowling team, & in gratitude for their safe return to us, we came together today to pray as a school family.  It was our way of  offering prayers of thanks to God and hugs of healing to our bowling team and coaches. 
The bus accident they experienced on Tuesday was a deep concern for all of us and reinforced our belief about how precious each member of our school community is.  What happens to one, two, or twelve touches all of our hearts and lives. 
Let us continue to keep the bowling team and their coaches in our prayer!


Here are some pictures from our prayer service!

Father Dan is always there for us!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The Bandit says, "I can see your potential."

On Saturday, January 14th, our Bandit Mascot met the 8th graders who were leaving after a long day of entrance exams.  Being a true "Res Girl" our Bandit shared words of wisdom: 

"I may not be able to see out of this mask,
but I can see your potential."
Thank you Maribel Pagan '18 for the words of wisdom!
Yes, those are words of wisdom which we can all
remember throughout this semester and throughout life!
When we face challenges, let's all remember
that we have
 "Potential" and its shinning through!

Friday, January 13, 2017

Notre Dame & Resurrection Marching Band Performs in Disney World

Congratulations to the Notre Dame & Resurrection Marching Band on their recent trip to Disney World.  What an honor for the band to be able to perform in Disney World
Congratulations to our Res students:  Alyssa Walsh '17, Chloe Chaparro '18, Emily Thorson '18, Kayla Vargas '18 and Grace Pavlick '20
We are proud of you and all your hard work! 

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Congratulations to Analisa Martorano

Congratulations to Analisa Martorano who received  a certificate from NCEA in recognition of her nomination for the Youth Virtues, Valor and Vision Award!  This award  recognizes students across the country for outstanding service, determiniation, innovaction and for having a passion to change the world.

The leadership of NCEA recently stated that, "through their faith, leadership and service to others, students nominated for this award set for all of us the standards of personal conduct and public service."

Congratulations Analisa!