Monday, November 28, 2016

The 2016 Winner of the Christmas Card Contest

I am very pleased to announce that Nicole De Lima El Bekai '20 is the winner of this year's Christmas Card Contest.  Nicole's card will be sent to over 800 friends and donors. Thanks Nicole for creating a card that truly represents the meaning of the Christmas Season.

Congratulations Nicole, your artistic talent is impressive.

Nicole De Lima El Bekai '20


Advent Waiting

Advent is a season rich with symbolism and words that engender the deepest hopes and the holiest feelings of the human heart.  The beautiful Advent Reading from the Prophet Isaiah best expresses the passionate cry of the human heart to God:  Oh, that you would rend the heavens and come down...

Our reflection for the First Week of Advent is about Advent Waiting.  Here are a few thoughts from members of our Resurrection Community:

"Advent Waiting to me means waiting for Christ to come and when He comes
you find your own best self."   Sarah Erickson '19
Sarah Eriickson '19

"For me the experience of Waiting during Advent is to experience
within youself a rebirth.  It is a time for welcoming Christ
into your life again.  It is a time to realign one's life."
Mr. Piwowarski

Mr. Piwowarski

"It is waiting for
Jesus to be born back into 
our lives."  Renee Piagentini '20
Renee Piagentini '20  and Jena Ortega-Cazares '20
"For me it is waiting for 
Jesus to come with tiny
little miracles that we need
in our hearts and in our
lives."  Jena Ortega-Cazares '20

Sr. Mary Paulette, C.R.

"For me Advent Waiting is an experience of joy and trust but also a little aprehension as to what
God may ask of us.  It is the gift of new life and of Jesus coming to live among us.  It is realizing that what Mary carries beneath her heart she will soon hold in her hands and share with us."
Sr. Mary Paulette, C.R.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Mairead Skelton and Making a Difference in the Lives of Others

This past October, Mairead Skelton '18, travelled to Baton Rouge with her Girl Scout troop leader and other adults to deliver boxes containing over 6,000 supplies to school children.  These children were victims of the horrific floods in Louisiana.  This project started out as a simple desire to help children who suffered greatly but soon became such a large endeavor that it is now part of Mairead's Gold Award for Girl Scouts.  

Mairead spent many weeks collecting supplies for the children through area churches and with the assistance of Senator Mulroe and Alderman Napolitano.  

In Mairead's words, "My experience was truly life changing.  Words cannot express how grateful I am that I was able to meet some families, hear their stories, and know that I was able to help them, even if it was just a little bit."

Click on the link below to read more about Mairead's work and the impact it has had on the children and families in the Parish and School of Saint John in Baton Rouge.   

Mairead Skelton

Mairead and Ms. Kim Naquien, Principal of St. John's Promary School

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Creating Thanksgiving Spirit

Ellen Olker, Resurrection's Library Assistant, is always surprising the Res community with new and beautiful library decorations.  Ellen's decorations create an invitation to the passer-by to stop in the library and find a friend in a good book.

Ellen uses her artistic talents to inspire others to explore the history of the holiday and find enrichment by reading about its values and traditions.

In early November, Ellen created a beautiful and unique Thanksgiving display in the library showcase, turkeys!  Yes, Ellen used pages from old books to create beautiful turkeys!

Elle Olker

Thank you Ellen, for helping us celebrate and for inspiring us to gobble up a good book!


Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Congratulations Senior Athletes

Earlier this month all the Bandits involved in fall sports were honored at the Fall Athletic Banquet.  It was a wonderful evening and a great opportunity to honor all the teams who worked so hard.  Special recognition and a gift was given by the Parents' Athletic Booster Club to the fall athletes of the 2017 class.  These athletes leave a legacy which will always be remembered!

Fall Athletes from the Class of 2017

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Some of the Costume Winners

In case you missed seeing some of the Halloween Costume Winners here are  pictures of three of the nine winners.  Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to Ms. Bernardin for sponsoring the contest!

Angela Christie as Jelly-fishing Sponge Bob
Mallory Coakley, Lexi Lehner & Juliajoy Matthies as Fairly Odd Parents (cartoon show)
Ella & Lilly Goworowski as fisherman & Shark