Wednesday, October 5, 2016

1966 Alumnae Celebrate!

This past weekend over 45 alumnae from the class of 1966 celebrated a very special anniversary of their graduation....I will let you do the math!  It was a great reunion with members of the class traveling from New York, Texas, Florida, Iowa, and other States. 

The 196 students who graduated in 1966 had the good fortune of being the first freshmen class to move into the new school (the current school we are in).  Earlier classes were in the old school which served as both a school and a convent.

Now when you have a big anniversary like this you celebrate for several days.  Day one started September 30th with pizza at Dino's and reminiscing.  Day two on October 1st was celebrated with a lovely luncheon at Marriott on Higgins.  There was the singing of the School Song, other songs written special for the day, and more reminiscing.  Day three on October 2nd was celebrated with a luncheon at Res and a tour of the school.  Everyone had fun pointing out their homerooms (today called seminar rooms) and more reminiscing.

There were many moving moments during the weekend, but those that touched everyone most deeply included:

  • Singing the Res School Song together
  • Remembering in prayer our 20 classmates who are celebrating in heaven
  • Hearing classmates tell about the ways they have and continue to make a difference in the world through their families, their work and the many volunteer services so many are involved in
Here are a few pictures, but what I am even more pleased to share with you is the 1966 class singing the Res School Song!  If you have a minute go on the Resurrection face book page and you will be able to hear the group singing our School Song!
Yes, after so many years this class still really knows the words, the melody and sounds terrific!

Do you know any 1966 alumnae?


Saturday at the Marriott

Sunday at School


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