Wednesday, October 26, 2016

A Woman for All Seasons

Today the Church celebrates the feast day of Blessed Celine, the Foundress of the Sisters of the Resurrection.  Blessed Celine is a wonderful role model for all modern day men and women.  She was a daughter, sibling, wife, mother, widow, grandmother, religious sister and foundress of a congregation, so she understands the dreams, hopes and challenges of all these states of life.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Promising New Artists Debut at Fall Wine Glass :Painting Party

On Friday, October 21st over sixty people joined in the fun of the fall wine glass painting party.  The event took place in the school cafeteria, and yes, you probably guessed that the most popular theme was that of the "Cubs."  Coming in second place as a popular theme was "Halloween" with pumpkins, goblins and mummies!

Hope you enjoy the pictures!

Do you recognize this artist?  The first to post the correct name under "comments" will win a prize!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Hellenic Club Creates Beautiful Icons

This week the Hellenic Club members with the help of their Moderator, Alisa Martorano, learned more about the artistry of iconography and employed their own artistic talents.  The group created some beautiful icons which are pictured below. 

The first image is of Saint Helen who was famous for finding the original cross of Christ, and the second image is of Saint Sophie and her daughters: Faith, Hope and Charity.  The third photo is of
Anastasia Mourikes, the Co-President of the Club holding her icon of the Virgin Mary and the Infant Jesus.

Congratulations to the Hellenic Club members, you have a lot of talent!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Scrubs Club Has Part 1 of a Hands on Field Trip

Tuesday over 45 members of the Scrubs Club and 6 chaperones had an exciting hour and a half field trip to Resurrection Medical Center.  Groups of 8 to 10 girls rotated through 2 experiences in surgery, the simulation lab, and the stroke telemedicine program.  One group spent the time learning how to take blood pressures, pulse rates and other basic skills. 

The group who visited surgery had an opportunity to learn about the different roles and responsibilities surgical team members have, see some of the equipment used and even had an opportunity to see the surgical robot and learn how and when it is used for surgery. 

The groups who visited the stroke telemedicine program learned about the importance of diagnosing a stroke quickly and about the small window of opportunity to intervene before permanent damage occurs.  The telemedicine stroke equipment allows a specially trained stroke physician who is miles away actually examine the patient via the special camera equipment.  Based on his evaluation he can give orders for immediate care of the patient.

Students who visited the simulation lab had an opportunity to observe a computerized mannequin go through the stages of labor and delivery and learn how the mannequin can be programmed so medical and nursing students can practice dealing with complications.  The students also had an opportunity to have hands on experience with an adult mannequin on which they were able to listen for heart tones and lung sounds.

The field trip ended with lunch in the Nursing Classroom and the President of the hospital paying the group a visit.

In January and March the club will visit the hospital again and the small groups will have an opportunity to rotate through other experiences.

Scrubs Club members with Ms. Hoelzel, R.N., MSN, CRRN

Scrubs Club members in Surgery

Using Our Catholic Moral Social Principles to Vote

The Church and its Bishops do not tell us who to vote for, or who not to vote for.  Rather, they advise us to take time, study platforms and compare those platforms against Gospel Values and Church teaching. 

In an article that recently appeared in the New World, Cardinal-designate Cupich recommended that Catholic voters read the Sept. 12 column written by Cardinal Donald Wuerl of the Archdiocese of Washington, D.C. Wuerl writes that lay Catholics must examine their conscience before casting their ballot, instead of looking to a pastor or bishop for voting advice.

"Today it is the central role of the bishop and priest to teach the faith, share Catholic moral and social principles, and to encourage lay men and women in their primary responsibility to take these truths and values into the economic, political and cultural world," Wuerl writes.

Let us pray for the guidance of God to vote wisely.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Junior Ring Mass & Ceremony

Congratulations to our Juniors on an outstanding Ring Mass and Ceremony.  The Mass was beautiful and the singing by the Resurrection Liturgical Choir was wonderful.  I hope and pray that your rings will always remind you that you are encircled by God's love, and the love your families and friends.

Here are a few nice pictures.




Monday, October 10, 2016

Miracle Babies

October is traditionally a special month for reflecting on the precious gift of life. 

As a nurse, I always found being present for the birth of a baby to be the most awesome experience. To witness the first breath and to hear the first cry is a sacred moment one never forgets.

There were two babies whose stories touched my life deeply.  They were babies whose lives were at serious risk but who certainly were under God's watchful eye.

The first story is about Baby Jessica.  It was June 19, 1980 at 10:30 p.m. when a brown paper bag was found between two parked cars in the Emergency Parking lot of Resurrection Medical Center.  A father and mother were bringing their young daughter to the ER when they saw the bag and heard what they thought was a cat purring.  When they opened the bag, there was a newborn baby.  Wrapped in a green towel weighing 6 pounds and 3 1/2 ounces, the baby girl was surprisingly well.

We called the baby Jessica and cared for her until Catholic Charities was able to take her and find a family to adopt her.  On behalf of the hospital I signed several of the documents needed for Jessica's transfer.  Little did I know that signing those papers would reconnect Jessica and myself years later.

It was like another miracle when 25 years later I received a call from Jessica who wanted to learn more about her birth.   Jessica came to visit me with her husband.  She wanted to hear any and all stories connected with the night we found her.  I had news paper clippings and pictures which I shared with her.  I was even able to a invite the pediatrician and the nurse, pictured below, to speak with Jessica.

Jessica had grown up in a wonderful family, had a great education, married a wonderful man and had three sons.  When I looked at the adult Jessica, I realized how very special she was to God.  He protected her from so many dangers that night in June and now here she was making a difference in the lives of her own family.

Baby Jessica

The second miracle baby was born in the cold of November.  On November 13, 1981 at 11 p.m. a security guard stepped out of the Emergency Room to do a routine check of the area where the ambulances park. He saw a brown paper bag and went over to examine it.  Low and behold inside the bag was a newborn baby boy.  The baby was wrapped in a yellow blanket and was crying.  The nurses named the baby, Mark Joseph. We took care of him until the Department of Children and Family Services was able to find a proper family to adopt him.

Unfortunately I never heard what happened to Mark Joseph after that.  Once again here is a story of another very special person who in spite of a very tough beginning of life was found, cared for and hopefully treasured by a new family.

Whenever I think of Jessica and Mark Joseph I am struck by the tender and fragile beauty of each human life.  It was an absolute miracle that both Jessica and Mark Joseph survived, first because their mothers did not choose to abort them and second that they survived being left in paper bags in parking lots in the cool and even cold of the night.  Something very special happened on both of those nights.  God heard the cry of His little ones.  God inspired the mothers to give life a chance and then He nudged people to "go and look into the paper bag and experience the miracle of life."  

Today there are laws that did not exist in the 1980s.  These new laws  allow mothers to take babies to safe havens so they can be adopted by other families. 

Every life is a "Gift" so lets "Treasure" each and everyone.

Baby Mark Joseph

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

1966 Alumnae Celebrate!

This past weekend over 45 alumnae from the class of 1966 celebrated a very special anniversary of their graduation....I will let you do the math!  It was a great reunion with members of the class traveling from New York, Texas, Florida, Iowa, and other States. 

The 196 students who graduated in 1966 had the good fortune of being the first freshmen class to move into the new school (the current school we are in).  Earlier classes were in the old school which served as both a school and a convent.

Now when you have a big anniversary like this you celebrate for several days.  Day one started September 30th with pizza at Dino's and reminiscing.  Day two on October 1st was celebrated with a lovely luncheon at Marriott on Higgins.  There was the singing of the School Song, other songs written special for the day, and more reminiscing.  Day three on October 2nd was celebrated with a luncheon at Res and a tour of the school.  Everyone had fun pointing out their homerooms (today called seminar rooms) and more reminiscing.

There were many moving moments during the weekend, but those that touched everyone most deeply included:

  • Singing the Res School Song together
  • Remembering in prayer our 20 classmates who are celebrating in heaven
  • Hearing classmates tell about the ways they have and continue to make a difference in the world through their families, their work and the many volunteer services so many are involved in
Here are a few pictures, but what I am even more pleased to share with you is the 1966 class singing the Res School Song!  If you have a minute go on the Resurrection face book page and you will be able to hear the group singing our School Song!
Yes, after so many years this class still really knows the words, the melody and sounds terrific!

Do you know any 1966 alumnae?


Saturday at the Marriott

Sunday at School