Thursday, September 8, 2016

Happy Birthday

Today the Church celebrates the Birthday of the Virgin Mary.  What a perfect day to reflect on Mary and the example of discipleship she give us. 

At the first all school Liturgy this year, I gave each student a card with the two images of Mary that are in our school chapel.  The message of these two art pieces give us a lot to reflect on.

The statue to your left is of Mary Seat of Wisdom.  It reminds us of how attuned Mary is to the TRUTH that all wisdom comes from God, from the Word and Whisper of His Spirit in one's heart. 
The icon to the left depicts Mary waiting with the Apostles for the gift of the Holy Spirit.  Mary is seated in the middle of the apostles on the teacher's bench teaching them to wait, to listen, to pray and then to go out and share the Gifts of the Holy Spirit with others.  This is truly CHARITY. 
As we celebrate Mary's Birthday let's also celebrate our call to be disciples of Charity and Truth.

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