Friday, September 9, 2016

A Global Young Innovator!

This summer one of Resurrection College Prep High School's very own seniors, Natalie Markech, was selected to participate in the "Global Young Innovators Initiative:  Impact Through Leadership Program."  This program was sponsored by the University of Chicago. 

This was a business-based competitive experience.  Students from various high schools were divided into five-person teams and then connected with a small business to work on a real business issue and create an innovative solution. 

Natalie and her team were paired with a small business in Nigeria.  The owner needed help improving her advertising strategy.  Natalie and her team found themselves quickly becoming immensely interested in helping Rita Michael, a woman on the other side of the world.  They worked many hours assessing Ms. Michael's needs and goals and helped her identify new approaches.

Reflecting on her experience, Natalie states:  "I am not considering business as my college major, but I am passionate about helping others and contributing to the world, so this program was very interesting to me because I wanted to do everything I could to help this business owner."

Thanks Natalie Markech for "Making a Difference."

Natalie Markech '17
Natalie Markech '17 working with her team

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