Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Res Thespians look to help others Catch Their Dreams

Performing as the Family Stage Emcees for the Edison Park Fest on Saturday,
August 20, members of the Resurrection International Thespian Troupe
provided fun and entertainment for the crowds. Having their paparazzi moment
and pictured above (from the left) are Troupe Director Kathie Foszcz and Seniors
Katia Velisaris, Juliajoy Matthies, Mallory Coakley, Alyssa Czachor, Alexis Lehner,
Erin McDonaugh, Jessica Caamoan, Mary Jo McManamon.  The Thespian officers
coordinated efforts with Thespian members to ensure the audience had a fun-filled
time at the summer community festival realizing that they can achieve and Catch 
Their Dreams in any venture their hearts holds.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Welcome Back

Welcome to the Class of 2020 and welcome back to the Classes of 2017, 2018 and 2019!  We hope that this will be an absolutely wonderful year for all of you.  Seeing so many of you walking into school today with shopping bags, back packs and arms full of books and notebooks, I realized that you are all ready for a year of adventure, discovery and lots of work.  I just want to remind you to keep one of our Resurrection Pillars in mind, HARMONY! 

Your life is like a jar with lots of important people and things filling your day.  There is school work, sports, family, friends and more.  Last week several freshmen helped demonstrate how we can manage to fill our jar and still have room for other important things:  lots of school work (white stones), many friends (larger smooth stones), family (small close pins that hold life together), sports (small ball), relaxation and fun (sparling blue stones) and then what seemed like a full jar still had room for water, lots of water which blanked all the other things and people that fill our jar of life!  And that water is our time for relationship with God and prayer!  So as you begin a new year we wish you God's blessings and the gift of harmony!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Welcome Class of 2020!

Today Resurrection College Prep High School welcomed 127 FANTASTIC YOUNG WOMEN who are now the 2020 Class of Resurrection!  Senior Mentors welcomed our new class and made sure they could navigate successfully through the school, open their lockers and become familiar with white days and red days, seminars etc. 

Along with our class of 2020 we welcomed 9 YOUNG WOMEN transferring into Resurrection's 2018 and 2019 classes.  We are also very pleased to welcome 2 new International Students.  These young women join us from China.

Dear Class of 2020, Transfer and International Students,  as you begin this exciting journey, please know that we are all cheering you on, wishing you well and holding you in our prayers. 

May God guide and bless you.