Monday, May 23, 2016

Getting to Know Our New Principal

There is a normal buzz within organizations right after the announcement of a new member of an administrative team.  Resurrection is no different.  So if you listen closely you will hear:

"So who is this Richard Piwowarski?"

"I hear he is tough and you cannot get away with anything when he is around."

And the list goes on.

So here are a few facts about Mr. Piwowarski.

  1. Richard Piwowarski and his wife, Dr. Ashley Kuhl Piwowarski, are parishioners of Saint Julie Billiart Catholic Church.
  2. The Piwowarski's have a cat named "Lucy" who thinks she owns the house and lets the Piwowarski's live there with her.
  3. Before becoming an administrator, Richard Piwowarski taught Spanish at Marist High School in Chicago, Illinois.  He was well regarded by both students and colleagues as a teacher who was always trying to move world language education to the next level.
What do colleagues say about Mr. Piwowarski?

  1. One of the members of his administrative team describes him as follows:  "He is a relationship builder.  He makes sure he takes time each day to stop and visit with students, teachers, guidance counselors, maintenance staff, parents and anyone else involved in the school community."
  2. A colleague also states:  "He understands the purpose of education.  He realizes that education is about the students and providing them with the best opportunities.  He continues to expand his own education so he can help propel the school to the top of the education world."
  3. Finally, a board member describes Mr. Piwowarski as follows:  "Mr. Piwowarski has a keen understanding of administration and well developed leadership skills.  He really is proficient at benchmarking schools that are considered 'the best' and learning from them and implementing proven standards.  He has a wonderful rapport with students and gets them involved in helping design and implement changes."
Richard Piwowarski

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