Sunday, March 6, 2016

Happy Parent's Day

Happy Parent's Day! Today is not an official holiday but is truly the theme of the gospel in today's Mass.  I thought about each of our Resurrection Parents and Guardians today and prayed for you!

The gospel at Mass today is one of the most beautiful gospels of the Lenten Season.  In the gospel Jesus compares His Father and Our Father to a father who watches longingly and hopefully for his son's return.  And then when his son returns he embrances him and forgiveness flows freely.  That is the loving image I see in each of you dads and moms.  Thank you for being the image of God's abundant love and forgiveness.  Your love for your daughters is absolutely inspiring, as you sacrifice daily to help make their dreams come true, as you set aside your needs to give them the best opportunities and a wonderful future.  When I see you drop off the lunch bag they forgot, pick them up in the middle of the morning because they are feeling ill, hugging them when they loose a game or hear your daughters speak of you as their best and favorite role model, I see the face of God and picture His loving embrace around each of us.

Thank you for being parents.  Thank you for being the reflection and embrace of God to your daughters and for being a reminder and model to all of us of Our God and Father who loves us without limit.


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