Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Easter Blessings

May your Lenten Journey end with a beautiful Easter, filled with great joy and  the message of God's love burning within your heart!

It was so wonderful that as a school community we were able to see the movie "Risen" before celebrating the Feast of Easter.  Here are a few reflections from Resurrection students after seeing the movie Risen!

It is awesome to see how much Jesus loves and forgives us.

I never realized how tough crucifixion was and how much Jesus loves us to go through it.

I loved the movie, it made me understand how much Jesus went through for us.

It was really great to see how Jesus touched people's hearts and lives.

It made me more grateful to Jesus for what He did for us and for me.

I liked how the tribune looked confused and skeptical.  I feel that way sometimes.  And then the tribune began to see how people were changed by Jesus and once Jesus touched his heart, the tribune was changed as well.

From all of us Happy Easter!

Picture of the Risen Jesus appearing to Mary Magdalene
this picture hangs in the Resurrection Sister's Convent

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