Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Easter Blessings

May your Lenten Journey end with a beautiful Easter, filled with great joy and  the message of God's love burning within your heart!

It was so wonderful that as a school community we were able to see the movie "Risen" before celebrating the Feast of Easter.  Here are a few reflections from Resurrection students after seeing the movie Risen!

It is awesome to see how much Jesus loves and forgives us.

I never realized how tough crucifixion was and how much Jesus loves us to go through it.

I loved the movie, it made me understand how much Jesus went through for us.

It was really great to see how Jesus touched people's hearts and lives.

It made me more grateful to Jesus for what He did for us and for me.

I liked how the tribune looked confused and skeptical.  I feel that way sometimes.  And then the tribune began to see how people were changed by Jesus and once Jesus touched his heart, the tribune was changed as well.

From all of us Happy Easter!

Picture of the Risen Jesus appearing to Mary Magdalene
this picture hangs in the Resurrection Sister's Convent

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Patrick McCaskey Visits Res

Monday, March 7th Resurrection College Prep High School Community had a fantastic guest, Patrick McCaskey, the son of Virginia and the late Ed McCaskey.  Mr. Patrick McCaskey is a well known motivational speaker who inspires and entertains people across the Country with his stories and reflections on "Faith, Family and Football."  He is the author of several books, serves as a member of the Board of Directors for the Chicago Bears and is the Senior Director of Special Projects for the Bears.  Mr. McCaskey is a graduate of Notre Dame College Prep where he is a Wall of Famer for football and track. Mr. McCaskey is also in the Notre Dame College Prep Hall of Honor for faith, scholarship, and service.

Senior, Brianna Ortega opened the event with a prayer.

Sister Donna Marie introduced Patrick McCaskey, followed by a warm welcome by the students and staff.

Pat McCaskey gave a moving, and at times humorous presentation which included the importance faith, family and sports have in his life.  He shared life-long lessons which he learned from sports and the impact his parents and grandfather have had on his life.  Mr. McCaskey even shared a few stories from his high school days at Notre Dame College Prep as well as memories from the days of Mike Ditka.  Mr. McCaskey had some interesting thoughts on what positon each of the Apostles would have if they were to play football.  Throughout his presentation it was very clear that the most important thread running through every aspect of  his life is, faithFaith is the greatest treasure Mr. McCaskey received from God and from his parents and it is the greatest gift he shares with others.

After Mr. McCaskey spoke, Senior, Olivia Canova presented Mr. McCaskey with a check for his favorite charity, Sports Faith Radio Station WSFI 88.5 FM.   The donation was raised by the students as part of "Bears' Apparel and Colors Day."

Ms. Katie Kikos then gave a tribute to Virginia McCaskey, Pat McCaskey's mother.  The following is a little summary of Ms. Kikos' tribute:

Virginia McCaskey is an amazing role model for all women.  She has balanced her father’s legacy with raising her family (she has not only 11 children, but over 42 grandchildren and great-grandchildren) and her faith, and has influenced countless people.   Her leadership style is much like the way God leads many of us;  she is there for those who rely on her, and her impact is great - yet she gracefully steps back and allows others to take the spotlight, taking pride in the success of the organization as a whole rather than the role she has played.

Note on the screen over Ms. Kikos' shoulder the wording on Mrs. McCaskey's Plaque

After Ms. Kikos spoke, Jaque Gerlach presented Patrick McCaskey with an award for his mother and Candy Chau gave him roses to take to his mother.  

Then it was time for photos and autographs!

Special thanks to Ms. Katie Kikos, Mr. Joe Lascon, Mr. Brad Czernik, Ms. Alisa Martorano, and Ms. Marianne Boe for all their help in planning and preparing for the event!

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Happy Parent's Day

Happy Parent's Day! Today is not an official holiday but is truly the theme of the gospel in today's Mass.  I thought about each of our Resurrection Parents and Guardians today and prayed for you!

The gospel at Mass today is one of the most beautiful gospels of the Lenten Season.  In the gospel Jesus compares His Father and Our Father to a father who watches longingly and hopefully for his son's return.  And then when his son returns he embrances him and forgiveness flows freely.  That is the loving image I see in each of you dads and moms.  Thank you for being the image of God's abundant love and forgiveness.  Your love for your daughters is absolutely inspiring, as you sacrifice daily to help make their dreams come true, as you set aside your needs to give them the best opportunities and a wonderful future.  When I see you drop off the lunch bag they forgot, pick them up in the middle of the morning because they are feeling ill, hugging them when they loose a game or hear your daughters speak of you as their best and favorite role model, I see the face of God and picture His loving embrace around each of us.

Thank you for being parents.  Thank you for being the reflection and embrace of God to your daughters and for being a reminder and model to all of us of Our God and Father who loves us without limit.