Monday, February 1, 2016

Sisters of Resurrection Celebrate 116 Years in Chicago

On February 2, 1900 four Resurrection Sisters arrived in Chicago to begin the Congregation's work in the United States.  The Sisters started their ministry at Saint Mary of the Angels' Parish in Bucktown. Each Sister taught a class of 100 students!  The Sisters soon expanded their ministry to other parish schools such as Saint Casimir and Saint Thecla as well as schools in other States such as Indiana, Nebraska, North Dakota, and Florida.  Sister Anne, who was the leader of the small group of sisters, eventually purchased a farm in the Norwood Park area.  Today Resurrection College Prep High School, Presence Resurrection Medical Center, Presence Resurrection Life Center, Presence Resurrection Retirement Center and the Sisters' Convent all stand on what was once the farm that Sister Anne purchased.

As the Sisters celebrate 116 years of service in Chicago, we thank all those who have supported our ministries and all who have worked with us.  May God continue to bless the work that Sister Anne began here in Chicago 116 years ago.

Sister Anne, C.R.

Barns that once stood where Resurrection College Prep High
School now Stands 

Horses standing in what is now the Lacrosse Field

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