Thursday, February 25, 2016

Resurrection Students Impress Guests at Charity & Truth Gala

Fourteen Res Students had important roles at the 2016 Charity & Truth Gala.  The Gala was celebrated on Saturday, February 20th at Cafe la Cave.  Lauren Kuszynski joined Religion Teacher Bradley Mulick in leading the prayer at the beginning of the evening.

Three of the Res Dancer, Erica Baice, Mia DiMeo, and Maria Ronstadt entertained the guests with their rendition of "Singing in the Rain".  They were great!

Just before the live auction, senior Grace Torres gave a beautiful testimonial explaining how important and helpful the Sister Monica Hope Scholarship has been to her and to so many other students.  Grace explained how  this scholarship provides financial assistance that enables some students to attend Resurrection who otherwise would not be able to afford the full tuition.

Grace Torres
In addition,  students assisted guests with the registration process, assisted them in finding their assigned tables, presenting flowers to the awardees, served as spotters during the auction and assisted with the distribution of raffle baskets at the end of the evening.  These students included:
Nicole Cunningham
Angelina Ingratta
Kelsey Janesku
Michelene Janesku
Breanna Klaus
Lauren Kuszynski
Analisa Martorano
Gabriella O'Hehir
Olivia O'Hehir
Abby Rosenquist
Grace Torres
The guests were all very impressed with our Res students!  Thank you students, you are the best!
Res Students

Res Students with Ms. Konow and Ms. Maluchnik

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