Thursday, February 25, 2016

Great Movie in Preparation for Easter

We are now in the second week of Lent and getting closer to the most important and breath-taking time of the Church Year, Easter.  I am sure all of us have been struggling to remember our sacrifices and good deeds that will help prepare us for the remembrance of Jesus death and Resurrection .  But, I am going to offer a suggestion you probably don't hear often, Go See A MovieYes, Go See A Very Special Movie, it is called RISEN. 

Last night I went to see RISEN with two other Sisters and it was wonderful.  It is a movie that expresses the power of the Resurrection of Jesus as the transformation of our hearts and of our lives!  I dare to say that, most of us can see ourselves in the face of the searching Roman tribune, Clauvius, and feel his hope in our hearts.

I am not an acclaimed move critic, but as a Sister of the Resurrection who has studied and been committed to this the greatest Mystery of our Faith, I highly recommend adding this movie to your list of Lenten things to do.

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