Monday, February 29, 2016

Students and Fathers Volunteer to Help the Poor

On Saturday, February 20th members of the Resurrection College Prep High School Men's Club, seven students and one alumna visited the Greater Chicago Food Depository where they volunteered their services preparing packets of food for those in need.  This was a father and daughter joint effort to make a difference and help those in need.

As a result of their labor they repacked:

2,508 bags of pinto beans
36,760 lbs of spuds

for a total of 44,284 lbs of food
for over 36,903 meals for those in need in Cook County

After a day of hard work several of these students then volunteered their services at the Charity & Truth Gala!  Resurrection students are truly awesome!

Back row:  Jim Lapacz, Jessica Lapacz, Kelsey Janesku, George VanBrenk, Maddie Sabella, Jeff Sabella, Joe Janesku
Front row:  Ed Arnold, Nicole Arnold, Michelene Janesku, Jillian VanBrenk, Annie Kealy, Sophie Acevedo

Friday, February 26, 2016

Patrick McCaskey to Visit Resurrection

On Monday, March 7th Resurrection College Prep High School will have a very special guest, Patrick McCaskey.  Mr. McCaskey will be welcomed to an
all- school assembly at 2:15 p.m. in the gym, where he will address the student body.

We are so honored to have Mr. McCaskey come to Resurrection.  He is one of eleven children of Virginia and the late Ed McCaskey.  He is a Chicago Bears board member and the Bears senior director of special projects.  Patrick McCaskey is a Notre Dame High School Wall of Famer for football and track.  He has a master's degree from DePaul University of Chicago and is the author of two books.  He is a motivational speaker known for his moving and humorous presentations on sports, family, community and faith.  Pat McCaskey even has ideas about the position each of the Apostles could play on a football team.

This will be a wonderful and enjoyable experience for all of us at Resurrection College Prep High School!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Great Movie in Preparation for Easter

We are now in the second week of Lent and getting closer to the most important and breath-taking time of the Church Year, Easter.  I am sure all of us have been struggling to remember our sacrifices and good deeds that will help prepare us for the remembrance of Jesus death and Resurrection .  But, I am going to offer a suggestion you probably don't hear often, Go See A MovieYes, Go See A Very Special Movie, it is called RISEN. 

Last night I went to see RISEN with two other Sisters and it was wonderful.  It is a movie that expresses the power of the Resurrection of Jesus as the transformation of our hearts and of our lives!  I dare to say that, most of us can see ourselves in the face of the searching Roman tribune, Clauvius, and feel his hope in our hearts.

I am not an acclaimed move critic, but as a Sister of the Resurrection who has studied and been committed to this the greatest Mystery of our Faith, I highly recommend adding this movie to your list of Lenten things to do.

Resurrection Students Impress Guests at Charity & Truth Gala

Fourteen Res Students had important roles at the 2016 Charity & Truth Gala.  The Gala was celebrated on Saturday, February 20th at Cafe la Cave.  Lauren Kuszynski joined Religion Teacher Bradley Mulick in leading the prayer at the beginning of the evening.

Three of the Res Dancer, Erica Baice, Mia DiMeo, and Maria Ronstadt entertained the guests with their rendition of "Singing in the Rain".  They were great!

Just before the live auction, senior Grace Torres gave a beautiful testimonial explaining how important and helpful the Sister Monica Hope Scholarship has been to her and to so many other students.  Grace explained how  this scholarship provides financial assistance that enables some students to attend Resurrection who otherwise would not be able to afford the full tuition.

Grace Torres
In addition,  students assisted guests with the registration process, assisted them in finding their assigned tables, presenting flowers to the awardees, served as spotters during the auction and assisted with the distribution of raffle baskets at the end of the evening.  These students included:
Nicole Cunningham
Angelina Ingratta
Kelsey Janesku
Michelene Janesku
Breanna Klaus
Lauren Kuszynski
Analisa Martorano
Gabriella O'Hehir
Olivia O'Hehir
Abby Rosenquist
Grace Torres
The guests were all very impressed with our Res students!  Thank you students, you are the best!
Res Students

Res Students with Ms. Konow and Ms. Maluchnik

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Resurrection Charity & Truth Gala 2016

The Charity & Truth Gala celebrated on Saturday, February 20, 2016 was a wonderful and successful event.  The purpose of the evening was to: honor Resurrection Women who have made and continue to make a difference in the lives of others, to raise funds to support the Sister Monica Hope Scholarship, and to raise funds for the revisioning of the science programs and labs at Resurrection.

 This year's Renaissance Award went to Sister Stephanie Blaszczynski, C.R.'55 who has served the Resurrection school community for the past 65 years, as former Teacher, former Principal, former President, and currently as a board and committee member.  The Charity & Truth Award was presented to Bernard Kelly, on behalf of his wife Dr. Christine Wasielewski Kelly'59.  Christine was a member of the faculty at Resurrection, served in Administration, and founded the Resurrection Practicum Job Shadowing Program.  Christine also served as a member of the faculty at Dominican University until December of 2007 just three months before she passed away.

Special thanks go to two alumnae who worked very hard to make the gala a great success:  Peggy Kusinski'81, the Honorary Chair and MC for the Gala and Gina Lavorata O'Hehir'86 who with her husband Brian served as the Chair Couple for the Gala.  Peggy and Gina are outstanding women, and role models of how women can successfully balance commitment to family, church, community and career.

To everyone who supported the Charity & Truth Gala,

              THANK YOU!

Sr. Stephanie & Bernard Kelly
with their Awards
Presentation of Award & Flowers to Bernard Kelly
by Dr. Thomas Hamel and Angelina Ingratta

Peggy Kusinski

Presentation of Award & Flowers to Sr. Stephanie
by Sr. Virginia Ann, C.R. and Analisa Martorano

Brian & Gina O'Hehir

Monday, February 22, 2016

Res Students Receive the Sheriff's Youth Service Medal of Honor

On December 9, 2015 two Resurrection College Prep High School students received  the Sheriff's Youth Service Medal of Honor Award.  These two students were Natalia Bracamontes of the Class of 2016 and Alyssa Walsh of the Class of 2017.  Both Natalia and Alyssa were nominated by Presence Resurrection Medical Center for this award.  This prestigious award is presented by the Sheriff's office to high school students who provide meaningful volunteer service to their communities.  Natalia was recognized for her contribution of 139 hours of volunteer service at Resurrection Medical Center and Alyssa was recognized for her contribution of 174 hours of service.  Sheriff Thomas J. Dart presented the awards at the Ceremony recognizing Natalia, Alyssa and three other students from neighboring schools.  Congratulations to:

Natalia Bracamontes'16
Alyssa Walsh'17

It is an outstanding honor to be recognized for this award.  All of us at Res are so proud of you!

Natalia Bracamontes'16
Alyssa Walsh'17

Sunday, February 21, 2016

My Guest Blogger: Veronica Lane With, Congratulations to ND/Res Band

I am pleased to present a guest blogger, Veronica Lane.  Veronica is sharing the following message:

Saturday, February 20, 2016 the Notre Dame/Resurrection Band attended the IHSA State of the Art Band competition.  This competition is for Catholic School bands in the Chicago area. Each band prepares two pieces, a march and one other piece.  The bands perform before three judges.

We prepared "Brandenburg Gate," a German March by Johnnie Vinson, and "Metamorphosis" by Andrew Boysen Jr.  Both are gorgeous pieces.   We had the opportunity to meet with Mr. Vinson on Thursday.  Mr. Vinson provided advice which helped us with our performance! 

At the Saturday competition, the ND/Res Band received first place in the AA class, and we also received best in percussion! This is the second year in a row that we received both awards. The countless hours of hard work really did pay off.  We took some pictures of the awards and the awardees which I am sharing with you at the end of this write up. 

In total there are thirty three of us in the ND/Res Band.  The Res girls that are in the band include:

Samantha Arce- freshman (flute)
Emily Thorson- sophomore (clarinet)
Chloe Chaparro- sophomore (clarinet)
Kayla Vargas- sophomore (saxophone)
Alyssa Walsh- junior (bassoon)
Laura Pavlik- senior (trumpet)
Veronica Lane- senior (trombone)

As seniors, Laura Pavlik and I are doubly excited because it's our last year and both of us could not be more proud to part of this great group.  

Next Saturday, the 27th of February, the band will be competing in the Midwest Music Festival at Lemont High School.  This time both Catholic and public schools from the Chicago area will be competing. We love to hear that people are rooting for us and we would be even more excited to have some of the Res Community come to hear us perform (we will perform at 4:15).  I hope telling you about the ND/Res Band makes you feel connected and proud.

The phrase we often say before practice or performing is:   "Hearts on Fire, Minds on Ice", which reminds the members of the band that behind the music must lie passion, like flames.  However, the mind must remain focused like an artic breeze.  We work hard but,  I absolutely love band and the people in it.

Go band!


Veronica Lane 
the Notre Dame/Resurrection Band

Resurrection Band Members with the Award

Resurrection Band Members

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Resurrection's 2016 Bowling State Qualifiers

This morning the Resurrection Community proudly sent our 2016 State Qualifiers off for the competition!  As the team prepared to leave the school everyone lined the corridors to applaud them on and let them know how proud we are of them.  Our thoughts and prayers are with:

Sarah Beck
Olivia Canova
Lauren Gawlinski
Izabela Giglione
Peyton La Valley
Meredith Nowotarski
Kathleen Serrano

Coach:  Caryl King
Coach:  Rick Clark


Tomorrow's Nurses & Doctors

Twenty-four members of the Scrubs Club visited Loyola University's Stritch School of Medicine on Monday, February 15th.  First on the agenda was a short presentation by staff and a medical student on what medical school is like, the variety of pathways one can take to achieve the dream, and the passion needed to be a good physician.  This was followed by time in the cadaver lab with a second year medical student who pointed out both normal and abnormal tissue.  From there the group went to the simulation lab where they had hands on experience in CPR and other life saving skills.  Club members (some of whom are certified in CPR) where able to see the positive effects of their skills by feeling the returning pulses on the mannequin, seeing the blood pressure waves return on the monitor, and the effective oxygen levels made visible on the monitor.  

Remember the Res girls of 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 classes.  One day we may be lucky enough to have one of them as the nurse or physician caring for us.

Christina Gamboa doing CPR on the simulation mannequin

Angelina Ingratta performing CPR on the simulation mannequin

Thursday, February 11, 2016

My Lenten Jar

As we begin, the Lenten Season the Church invites us to return with open hearts to the God who waits lovingly and anxiously for each of us.  We are encouraged by the Scripture Readings to draw our attention and our hearts toward God and others by making a place for sacrifices in our daily Lenten Journey.  Those sacrifices are recommended to be of 3 specific kinds:  Prayer, Almsgiving, and Fasting.  Ever since I was a child, I have found it hard to balance all 3.  I often started with a plan and then found it hard to continue for 40 days.  Then one Lent I remembered the little Advent box a teacher taught me to make.  I thought, why not transfer that concept into a "Lenten Jar."

Here is the recipe for my "Lenten Jar."
  1. On the Sunday before Ash Wednesday I write down 40 tasks on slips of lavender paper.  
  2. 1/3 of the tasks are almsgiving in nature (not monetary but acts of kindness) such as visiting someone who is sick at home or in a nursing home, offering help to another sister or a co-worker, writing a letter to someone.  
  3.  1/3 of the tasks are to pray for someone in a special way throughout the day.  On these papers I put names of people who are special to me, or who have asked for my prayers, people I know who are sick or struggling etc.  
  4. 1/3 of the tasks are related to fasting for a day from candy, or dessert, or coffee  etc.
  5. Then I fold these tiny notes and toss them in a jar.
  6. From Ash Wednesday on I pull one task out of the jar daily and focus on it for the day.
My jar gives me variety and surprises each day.  It is a simple way to concentrate on and balance the disciplines of almsgiving, prayer and fasting.

Whatever we choose to do this Lent, may God bless all of us on our Journey back to Him.

My Lenten Jar

Monday, February 8, 2016

Reflecting on Lent

This Wednesday, February 10th is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of the Lenten Season.  We often think of Lent as a time to "give things up," and a time to "make sacrifices".  But the Scriptures remind us that God delights more in the gift of our hearts than in the sacrifices and things we give up. 

There is a beautiful hymn that truly expresses God's deep desire for our love and friendship, it goes something like this:  "Return to me with all your heart.  Don't let fear keep us apart...long have I waited for your coming home to me..."  Maybe this year as we plan our Lenten Journey we can think a little bit about what we might give up, but think a lot more about "returning with all our heart" to the One who loves us so much that He died for us.  It is truly awesome to think about being loved that much.  And all God wants in return is our love.  Nothing delights Him more than the gift of our love!

So lets spend Lent delighting God with the gift of our love, a gift we can generously share with all whom we meet along our Lenten Journey!

A blessed and love-filled Lent!

Stained Glass Window In Resurrection
Sisters' Convent Chapel

Board of Directors Tour the Innovation Lab

The Board of Directors began their January 25th meeting with a tour of the Innovation Lab.  Joseph Lascon and Merle Green explained the various activities and projects, while students Helen Diep, Maureen Gillespie, and Nina Stuckel provided demonstrations of some of their work.

Board members were impressed with the accomplishments of the Robotics Team and congratulated the team on attending the FIRST FTC Chicago League (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology).  Resurrection's Robotic Team finished in 4th place in the first competition and in  2nd place at the second competion .  Resurrection had the only all girls team in the completion.  Congratulations to Mr. Lascon, Mr. Green and the five students in the Robotics Club:  Angela Christie, Helen Diep, Maureen Gillespie, Nicole LeBeouf and Nina Stuckel.

We are very proud of you!
Merle Green explaining  work of  Robotics Club
 to Board Members, Dan Tully, Dr. Maureen Mascha
 & Nancy Stachnik

Joseph Lascon & Merle Green speaking with Board Members
 Sr. Carolyn, Bernard Kelly, Janet Sisler, Dr. Linda Brazdil,
Dr. Maureen Mascha and Nancy Stachnik

Monday, February 1, 2016

Sisters of Resurrection Celebrate 116 Years in Chicago

On February 2, 1900 four Resurrection Sisters arrived in Chicago to begin the Congregation's work in the United States.  The Sisters started their ministry at Saint Mary of the Angels' Parish in Bucktown. Each Sister taught a class of 100 students!  The Sisters soon expanded their ministry to other parish schools such as Saint Casimir and Saint Thecla as well as schools in other States such as Indiana, Nebraska, North Dakota, and Florida.  Sister Anne, who was the leader of the small group of sisters, eventually purchased a farm in the Norwood Park area.  Today Resurrection College Prep High School, Presence Resurrection Medical Center, Presence Resurrection Life Center, Presence Resurrection Retirement Center and the Sisters' Convent all stand on what was once the farm that Sister Anne purchased.

As the Sisters celebrate 116 years of service in Chicago, we thank all those who have supported our ministries and all who have worked with us.  May God continue to bless the work that Sister Anne began here in Chicago 116 years ago.

Sister Anne, C.R.

Barns that once stood where Resurrection College Prep High
School now Stands 

Horses standing in what is now the Lacrosse Field