Saturday, January 16, 2016

To Teach Is to Touch a Life Forever

One of the best things I love about administration is having the opportunity to hear the wonderful comments and see the beautiful "thank you" notes and reflections of grateful alumnae.  Teachers have to feel absolutely wonderful knowing that the work they do for one or two semesters does not end there but grows in the hearts and minds of the students throughout their lives.

Over the Christmas break I received a beautiful e-mail from a 2014 graduate.  I would like to share part of that e-mail as it reflects the pride I hear expressed by so many Resurrection Alumnae:

I feel blessed to have had so many dedicated teachers, like Noreen Maluchnik, who have all contributed to my success in college.  For example, my first Rhetoric class in college was a breeze thanks to the English department's enforcement of the annual research paper requirement in particular.

Although, at the time, this assignment seemed like the end of the world, it was one of the most beneficial assignments of my high school career.  This became evident to me when I realized that some of my U of I classmates did not even know what a thesis was before coming to college.

Another unique aspect of Resurrection is the Practicum program.  If it were not for this program, I would probably still be undecided on a major.  During my time at Res, I job shadowed a Social Worker.  My major is now Social Work...   Emily Lalich


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