Monday, October 5, 2015

Highlights from Spirit Week

Last week Resurrection College Prep High School celebrated Spirit Week.  Everyday had a wonderful theme and activities that everyone could enjoy and participate in.  Here are a few highlights.

Monday, was the Pep Rally.  All the sports teams prepared excellent routines that demonstrated their team spirit and talent.  There were games and then there was the traditional Tug of War.  After winning the contest against all the other classes, the seniors competed against the was a very difficult contest and in the end the faculty won.  However, rumor has it that the Seniors really didn't have the heart to let the faculty loose so, toward the end the seniors let up just a little and well...seeing the teachers so over-joyed about winning was reward enough for the seniors. 

Tuesday, was Walk-a-Thon day.  A little drizzle did not dampen anyone's spirits as the student,  staff members and parent volunteers stretched out across several blocks walking to their destination, the Pickwick Theatre.  

Friday was Disney character day.  There were lots of wonderful costumes and Disney characters from across the decades.  Here is a little contest for you.  Look at the picture below and see if you can name the Disney Characters and the students who are dressed as the characters.  Send your answers in to the blog.  The first student to get the most right answers will win a prize!  And of  course there is an extra point for naming the faculty member correctly.


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  1. Frederika- not wearing a costume
    Gillian- a disney park employee
    sophia- nemo in a bag
    Lorena- mickey mouse
    Bailey- Wendy
    Samantha- Minnie
    Tierney- Lucky
    Ms. Fozcz