Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Res Girls Are Awesome!

Res Punzel day is one more example of how awesome Res Girls are.  For women of all ages their hair is their pride.  Loosing your hair due to chemotherapy is probably one of the most emotionally difficult experiences one can imagine.  How many women are willing to sacrifice their hair for another person?  I dare to say not many.  But, 97 Res girls volunteered to give eight inches of their hair to make someone going through chemo feel better and special.  Young ladies you truly live "Caritas".

One of our Res parent's told a friend who has been undergoing treatment for cancer about Res Punzel and here is her heartfelt response:

"I love these girls!  You cannot possibly imagine how much this means to cancer patients.  When going through chemotherapy, you are dealing with fighting cancer and trying to cope with pain and suffering.  When you pop on a wig it gives you control and some semblance of who you "were" and who you will be again.  Truly amazing gifts.  Thank you from all of us that needed wigs to try to be more ourselves as we deal with kicking cancer."

Thank you to all of you who donated your hair, thank you to Ms. Dawn Konow and the science club for arranging the day.  You are inspiring!  God bless you!

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