Thursday, April 23, 2015

More Memories of Cardinal George

Two staff members shared their personal stories and memories of Cardinal George.  Both are beautiful statements of Cardinal George's humble demeanor and his warm shepherd's heart. Both Georganne Moreth and Carol Marchetti gave me permission to share these stories with you.

Ms. Georganne Moreth

Cardinal George was so kind and humble.  Sadly, I had the opportunity to meet Cardinal George when my uncle, Father Joseph O'Brien, passed away in 2012.  I expected him to come to my uncle's wake with an entourage, but he came in quietly and waited for his turn to pay his respects.  I was also struck by how small in stature he was.  I guess I just expected an archbishop to be larger than life!  When he talked about my uncle, we could tell he knew him well.  I just assumed my uncle would be one priest in a large number that the Cardinal supervised in the Archdiocese.  But, I am pretty sure he knew all of those in his "flock" very well.  Such a gentle man; he will be missed very much.

Ms. Carol Marchetti
I too had the privilege to meet Cardinal George and I have a similar story to share of his kindness.  A few years ago I was asked to sing for a funeral at Saint Paul of the Cross and I was told that Cardinal George would be the celebrant.  I was so honored that I invited my mom to attend the funeral mass so she could see the Cardinal.  After the mass I was able to introduce my mom to the Cardinal.  She was so excited.  My mom is a volunteer in the Adoration Chapel at Saint Paul of the Cross and keeps vigilance there on Monday afternoons.  She was therefore very eager to talk to the Cardinal about the Adoration Chapel and she asked him if he would like to see it.  I was feeling a little embarrassed and concerned about his busy schedule, but to my surprise he said he would love to see the Chapel.  So my mom, the Cardinal, his assistant and I all walked over to the Adoration Chapel next door with my mom proudly showing the Cardinal around.  He was so gracious, patient and interested in seeing the chapel and sharing my mom's enthusiasm.  He spent about 15 minutes of his busy day with my mom and me.  I will never forget how kind and genuine he was.  He was truly a good shepherd.

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