Tuesday, March 3, 2015

A Res Leader

Resurrection College Prep High School has many young women who are natural leaders, last week I had the priviledge of hearing from one of our young leaders.  Erin Behland, a senior and a member of the Notre Dame/Resurrection Band took time to thank me for featuring the band on my blog in recognition of their taking first place in the State of the Art Catholic High School Band Competion.  Erin shared with me that since she will be graduating soon she would like to do something to help promote the band  and ensure that it continues to flourish.  In true leadership style Erin came ready with a suggestion.  Erin suggested that picture and news about the Band be posted on the front of the Resurrection Website to spark interest among future Res students.  We did as Erin suggested and even made posters for Freshmen Registration Day.

Erin, thank you for being a leader and wanting to build a future for a team you are dedicated to, the Notre Dame/Resurrection Band.  Leaders look for opportunities to support what they believe in and take the time to step forward and do something.  You did just that and as a result of your suggestion we have had some new interest in our music programs.

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