Saturday, March 28, 2015

New Icon of Mary Celebrates the Role of Women

This Easter we received a beautiful gift for our Resurrection College Prep High School Chapel.  This special gift is an icon of the Virgin Mary sitting in the midst of the Apostles.  After Easter and the Ascension Mary prayed and waited with the Apostles for the outpouring of God's gift of the Holy Spirit.  

This icon used to hang in Our Lady of the Resurrection Medical Center prior to the hospital being transfered to another owner.  Resurrection College Prep is a wonderful home for this icon since the icon depicts the important role of Mary and of all women in the Church.  Mary is seated in the "teacher's" chair.  Note the Apostles are barefoot while Mary wears red shoes.  Mary wears shoes as a symbol of the authority Jesus has given her to lead the Apostles in prayer and in waiting.  Her shoes and her mantle are both red symbolic of the Resurrection message of victory over death, of forgiveness, of love, and of power.  Mary wears shoes as a symbol of the authority God has given her to proclaim the message:  of the Resurrection, of conquest over death, of God's unconditional love, and of her leadership as Queen Mother.  
All these symbols indicate that Mary was empowered by Jesus to teach the Apostles how to wait, pray, and ready their hearts for the gift of the Holy Spirit.  Note that although Mary sits in the center, as the teacher, she does not hold the focus of the Apostles on herself, but rather directs them to lift their eyes and hearts toward her Son who reigns in heaven.

As Jesus appointed Peter head of His Church Jesus appointed Mary as the heart of His Church.  Mary taught the Apostles and continues to teach us how to open our hearts to the gift of God's Spirit.  Pope Francis recently told a group of women that, all women are called to be "Heart" for the Church and reveal the tender face and forgiving heart of God to the world.  

Stop by the Chapel and be inspired by this beautiful icon and its powerful message about Mary's role and our role as women to proclaim the Easter message.

And so maybe Easter shoes should be RED.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Resurrection's Women's Choir

Recently we shared the wonderful news about the grant we received for a Baby Grand Piano from the Wurlitzer Foundation.  The Women's Choir under the direction of Alanna Landin did a wonderful video thank you to the Wurlitzer Foundation, "The Hills Are Alive."  As we come closer to Easter and the beautiful season of Spring continues to unfold I thought you would like to hear our choir singing this beautiful song. 

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Diary of Anne Frank - An Outstanding Performance

Congratulations to Mary Katherine Bohlander, the Director, Kathie Foszcz, the Technical Director, the Cast, the Production Staff, and everyone who helped in anyway with this play.  The acting was absolutely outstanding.  All of us at Resurrection are extremely proud of you.  Thank you for keeping alive, the memory of great people who suffered for their faith and heritage, like Anne Frank and her family,


Friday, March 20, 2015

Congratulations to Phuong (Candy) Chau

Congratulations to Phuong (Candy) Chau for successfully competing in the Worldwide Youth in Science and Engineering (WYSE) Sectional Competition on March 19th.  Candy is now elligible to move to the Academic Challenge State Finals competion in April.  The Sectional Competition took place at North Central University and the test material for the competition was drawn up by teams of college and university faculty and included questions in biology, chemistry, computer science, engineering graphics, English, mathematics and physics.

We are all very proud of you Candy and wish you well!

Phuong (Candy) Chau and Teacher Jessica Wojcik

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Empowerment Project

Today at Resurrection we were amazed and inspired by the all school presentation of the  "Empowerment Project - Ordinary Women Doing Extraordinary Things".  After viewing the film two  members of the team spoke with the student body about their experience interviewing the inspiring women they met as they travelled across the USA. The producers of the film answered questions and dialogued with the students about the importance of women not being afraid to follow their dreams.

We owe a big thank you to one of our own "Ordinary Women Who Does Lots of Extraordinary Things." That Resurrection Woman is Miss Bernardin.  Thank you Miss Bernardin for taking your dream of sharing this experience with all of us at Res and making it happen!  It was by no means a small job.   You always make things look easy but we know how much time and planning went into today's experience.  Please know that we are all very greatful!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Congratulations to Res Musicians

Congratulations to Chamber and Vocal Musicians who competed at the IHSA Solo/Ensemble Music Competition held Saturday, March 7th at Lake Zurich High School.  Honored with a Division I Award of Superior was Mallory Coakley'17 (vocal).  Receiving Division II Awards of Excellent were Feranmi Adeyemo'15 (violin), Sydney Mercado'15 (vocal), Maribel Pagan'18 (vocal), and Cecylia Rudel'15 (violin).   We are very proud of you!

(left to right:  Feranmi Adeyemo, Sydney Mercado, Maribel Pagan, Cecylia Rudel, Mallory Coakley)

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

A Res Leader

Resurrection College Prep High School has many young women who are natural leaders, last week I had the priviledge of hearing from one of our young leaders.  Erin Behland, a senior and a member of the Notre Dame/Resurrection Band took time to thank me for featuring the band on my blog in recognition of their taking first place in the State of the Art Catholic High School Band Competion.  Erin shared with me that since she will be graduating soon she would like to do something to help promote the band  and ensure that it continues to flourish.  In true leadership style Erin came ready with a suggestion.  Erin suggested that picture and news about the Band be posted on the front of the Resurrection Website to spark interest among future Res students.  We did as Erin suggested and even made posters for Freshmen Registration Day.

Erin, thank you for being a leader and wanting to build a future for a team you are dedicated to, the Notre Dame/Resurrection Band.  Leaders look for opportunities to support what they believe in and take the time to step forward and do something.  You did just that and as a result of your suggestion we have had some new interest in our music programs.