Thursday, February 12, 2015

Sister Lydia Mary, C.R., Planner, Designer, First Principal of the Current Resurrection College Prep High School

As we continue to celebrate the "Year of Consecrated Life" we put the spotlight on
Sister Lydia Mary Yokiel, C.R.   Sister Lydia Mary was born in Wells, Minnesota which is beautiful farmland.  Sister Lydia Mary was the second from the oldest of seven children.  She had three sisters and three brothers.  Drawn to religious life and with a dream to teach, she entered the Congregation of the Sisters of the Resurrection in Chicago.  Later her youngest sister, Mary Therese joined her in the convent and years later her niece, Sister Virginia Ann joined the Sisters of the Resurrection.

Sister Lydia Mary spent many years teaching and among her favorite years were those at Resurrection High School.  Sister taught biology and later became the principal.  In the late '50s she took the lead in planning and designing the current Resurrection College Prep High School. She was determined to build a school that was modern, beautiful, practical, easy to maintain and with plenty of windows so students and teachers could enjoy the beauty of the natural surroundings.

Anyone who enters the school today marvels in disbelief that the building is over fifty years old.  It still has a warm, friendly and up-to-date look.

We owe so much to this strong, visionary woman of faith who trusted in God and the intercession of Saint Joseph to help her through the days of construction when she sometimes wasn't sure if the funds would hold out.  But, with her strong faith things truly worked out!

In July of this year Sister Lydia Mary will be 102 years old.  Sister lives at the Queen of the Resurrection House of Prayer.  What a gift she has been to all of us! 

Sister Lydia Mary - High School Graduation


Sr. Lydia Mary is with the black veil
her sister, Sr. Mary Therese is standing behind her

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