Monday, February 16, 2015

Scrubs Club Visits Loyola Simulation Lab

On Monday, February 16th members of the Scrubs Club went on a field trip to the Loyola Stritch School of Medicine and the Marcella Niehoff School of Nursing in Maywood.  First the staff gave an introduction to the educational programs for nursing and medicine.  Next, Matt, a fourth year Medical Student took the group to  the Cadaver Lab where they received a respectful educational hands on anatomy lesson.

Then the group moved to the surgical simulation lab for a hands on experience with a $250,000 computerized mannequin.  The mannequin was programed to go into cardiac arrest and students where given the oppportunity to perform cardiac compressions and use an ambu bag to ventilate the mannequin.  It was amazing to see the monitors show the effectiveness of the resuscitation efforts of the Resurrection students.  These same students had recently been certified in CPR as part of the Scrub Club activities.

Next one of the staff showed various specimens including artificial hips, pacemakers and a number of other items.  From there the group moved on to the School of Nursing to see the Simulation Hospital with Medical Surgical, Obstetrical and Pediatric Mannequins and rooms where student nurses practice procedures before working with real patients.

Scrub Club Members who participated in the field trip were:  Isabella Amato, Kacie Bemis, Taylor Besch, Natalie Bracamontes, Angelica Ingratta, Kelsey Janesku, Michelene Janesku, Emily Knup, Lexi Lehner, Carly Rascia, Christina Simi, Cherryshe Sinfuego, Mairead Skelton, and Vera Wall.

Thank you Ms. Bernardin and Sister Mary Patricia for helping me chaperone!

Computerized Mannequin
Surgical and Trauma
Computerized Mannequin

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  1. I am 5'4" and 143# and usually wear medium lab coats for men. These scrubs may be my go-to brand in the future, provided they hold up okay in the wash, though there is no chance of shrinkage.