Friday, January 30, 2015

Coming to America - 115th Anniversary of the Arrival of the CR Sisters

February 2nd is 115 year anniversary of the arrival of the first four Sisters of the Resurrection  to the United States from Rome.  The Sisters left by ship from Naples, Italy at 5 p.m. on January 19, 1900.  They arrived in New York City on February 1, 1900 and took the train to Chicago. They arrived in Chicago in the late afternoon of February 2nd.   From the train they travelled by carriage to Saint Mary of the Angels Parish in what today is known as Bucktown.  It was a two week trip that today takes less than ten hours.

A week later the four Sisters were teaching 300 students with a promise from the Pastor that the number would double by September.

A few years later Sister Anne (pictured below) bought the property on Talcott and soon began planning a school dedicated to the education of young women. Her dream became a reality when she opened the first Resurrection Academy (pictured below)  in 1922.  With the number of students continually growing a new bigger school was built in 1961.  This is the building Resurrection College Prep High School is located in today. 

Ever since 1922 Resurrection has been totally focused and committed to the education of young women in Charity & Truth.  So February 2nd is special for all of us at Resurrection College Prep High is the day  "our dream began."

the type of ship the Sisters sailed to America on

Sister Anne, C..R.

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