Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Archbishop Cupich Cheers for both Res & McAuley

January 20th was a wonderful evening for the Varsity Basketball teams of Res and McAuley as Archbishop Cupich attended the game and spent 1/4 of the game cheering for McAuley and 1/4 of the game cheering for Res!

It was wonderful to have Res Bandits from the other two earlier basketball games join in cheering for  ourvarsity team.  Thanks also to the other students, staff and faculty members who joined in this memorable evening.  Our Varsity Team presented Archbishop Cupich with a zip up bandit shirt and other bandit souvenirs.   Congratulations to our Varsity Team!  You played hard and we were very proud to watch you.  Congratulations to McAuley who did win the game.

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