Friday, January 30, 2015

Coming to America - 115th Anniversary of the Arrival of the CR Sisters

February 2nd is 115 year anniversary of the arrival of the first four Sisters of the Resurrection  to the United States from Rome.  The Sisters left by ship from Naples, Italy at 5 p.m. on January 19, 1900.  They arrived in New York City on February 1, 1900 and took the train to Chicago. They arrived in Chicago in the late afternoon of February 2nd.   From the train they travelled by carriage to Saint Mary of the Angels Parish in what today is known as Bucktown.  It was a two week trip that today takes less than ten hours.

A week later the four Sisters were teaching 300 students with a promise from the Pastor that the number would double by September.

A few years later Sister Anne (pictured below) bought the property on Talcott and soon began planning a school dedicated to the education of young women. Her dream became a reality when she opened the first Resurrection Academy (pictured below)  in 1922.  With the number of students continually growing a new bigger school was built in 1961.  This is the building Resurrection College Prep High School is located in today. 

Ever since 1922 Resurrection has been totally focused and committed to the education of young women in Charity & Truth.  So February 2nd is special for all of us at Resurrection College Prep High is the day  "our dream began."

the type of ship the Sisters sailed to America on

Sister Anne, C..R.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Scrub Club Members Learn CPR

On January 21st, fourteen of the Scrub Club Members spent over three and half hours learning life-saving techniques of CPR for both adults and infants.  Three nurse instructors from Presence Resurrection Medical Center provided the hands on training.  All fourteen of these students are now certified in CPR with the American Heart Association.  They also learned how to use the automated external defibrillator.  Congratulations to the Scrub Club Members!  Thank you to the wonderful nurse and community educators from Presence Resurrection:  Mariana Burgos, Cindy Brennan, and Ginny Logan!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Archbishop Cupich Cheers for both Res & McAuley

January 20th was a wonderful evening for the Varsity Basketball teams of Res and McAuley as Archbishop Cupich attended the game and spent 1/4 of the game cheering for McAuley and 1/4 of the game cheering for Res!

It was wonderful to have Res Bandits from the other two earlier basketball games join in cheering for  ourvarsity team.  Thanks also to the other students, staff and faculty members who joined in this memorable evening.  Our Varsity Team presented Archbishop Cupich with a zip up bandit shirt and other bandit souvenirs.   Congratulations to our Varsity Team!  You played hard and we were very proud to watch you.  Congratulations to McAuley who did win the game.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Robotics at Resurrection

Technology continues to grow at Resurrection!  Mr. Joseph Lascon is teaching students how to build robots and to program them!  This is a new educational opportunity at Resurrection.  Mr. Lascon is teaching high -value STEM concepts as well as giving the students opportunities for problem solving and more experience in collaborative work.  Robotics is a vital element in the manufacturing world of today as well as in engineering, architecture and medicine.   More and more progress is being made in surgical procedures using robotic technology!  Click on the videos below and see some of the exciting work beginning to occur at Resurrection!

Thank you Mr. Joseph Lascon for initiating robotics at Resurrection!

Joseph Lascon

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Spotlight on Sister Mary Patricia Volz, C.R.

As we continue the celebration of the Year of Consecrated Life, we put the spotlight on Sister Mary Patricia Volz, C.R.  At Resurrection College Prep High School Sister Patricia is well known as one of the bus drivers and probably the most loyal Bandit sports fan.  One of Sister's greatest joys is driving the Bandits to their sporting events and cheering them on to do their very best.  At home in the convent she is known for doing little things to make holidays special like baking delicious gingerbread cookies for Saint Nicholas Day, Paczki, delicious coffee cakes and breads!

Question:  Sister Mary Patricia, where were you born?
Answer:  I was born at Immanuel-St. Joseph Hospital in Mankato, Minnesota.

Question:  Do you have any brothers or sisters?
Answer:   Yes, I have:

  • two brothers James and Roger, 
  • three sisters, Kathryn, Linda and Ann, and 
  • three step-brothers and two step sisters: Colleen, Steve, Jeff, Kelly and Noelle.
Question:  When did you first feel a call to be a Sister?
Answer:    I first felt God calling me when I was in 1st grade.  On the first day of school at
                  age six I told my bus driver that I was going to be a sister.

Question:  What was one of the most memorable moments in your religious life?
Answer:    The most memorable moment in my religious life was participating in the International
                   Renewal in Rome where I met sisters of the Resurrection from all over  
                   the world and had the opportunity to spend several weeks with them.
Question:  What interesting information can you share with us that few people know about you?
Answer:    I love horses and gazing at the night sky and the stars.

Sr. Mary Patricia and her brother

Graduation Picture

Sr. Mary Patricia, her Mom & Dad directly behind her & her two brothers & three sisters

Sr. Mary Patricia cooking with Sr. Agnes
Sr. Mary Patricia, C.R. - today

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Congratulations to Sister Virginia Ann Wanzek, C.R.

The latest issue of the New World has a feature article on two outstanding Nativity Displays in the Chicago Area!  The Loyola University Museum of Art and Sister Virginia Ann's display at the Provincial Home of the Sisters of the Resurrection.   Over the Christmas Holiday Sister Virginia Ann has given a number of guided tours of the beautiful Nativity Display inspiring visitors with the true meaning of Christmas as interpreted by people of many cultures and ethnic backgrounds.  The collection is made up of over 120 Nativities made from various materials from walnut shells, corn husks, and match boxes to Mother of Pearl.  Congratulations Sister Virginia Ann!

Polish Nativity

Polish Nativity
American Indian Nativity
American Nativity

South American Nativity