Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Christmas Wishes and Prayers for Each of You

This week we come to the end of the first semester of the 2015-16 school year and we are just a week away from Christmas.  It is a time to thank God for His presence and support during the past semester and to anticipate His graciousness and love in the coming year.  This is also a perfect time for us to thank each of you for partnering with Resurrection College Prep High School in our common goal; to help young women achieve their dreams and goals and develop their God - given talents through a Catholic Education.  As a student, parent, guardian, administrator, board or committee member, Sister of the Resurrection, teacher, staff member, alumna, sponsor, or friend, each of you contribute to making Resurrection College Prep High School a very special place!  We wish you a Blessed and Merry Christmas and New Year filled with much happiness and God's goodness! 

Monday, December 14, 2015

The 2015 Christmas Card Winner

This year the Resurrection College Prep High School Christmas Card incorporated a design created by Lena Bago of the Class of 2017.  Thank you Lena for your beautiful and inspiring design.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Seventeen Scrubs Club Members Become CPR Certified

Seventeen of the members of the Scrubs Club recently completed an American Heart Association CPR Training Class.  The members of the club gave up a free afternoon to attend a training session sponsored by several nurses from Presence Resurrection Medical Center. 

Congratulations to:
Anna Apostolos
Jessica Briglio
Samantha Crump
Kayla DeCicco
Hannah Dietz
Kathleen Finnegan
Christina Gatta
Lauren Kuszynski
Caitlin McHale
Allie Nickeas
Rachael Pepin
Anne Pilac
Caleigh Ridge
Christina Simi
Grace Sisle
Amanda Smigla
            Emma Wood     



NHS - Sharing Advent Joy

Several members of the NHS and their moderators, Ms. Konow and Ms. Maluchnik, brought smiles and joy to the Sisters at the Queen of the Resurrection House of Prayer.  The group visited the Sisters one afternoon and brought them each a package of delicious homemade cookies.  The NHS students even sang the Resurrection School Song for the Sisters.  Everyone enjoyed the visit! 

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Charlie - A Christmas Story

There are some people whose very presence in the world remind us of the real meaning of Christmas.  These special people reflect the deep, generous love that caused God to send His Son.  One such person is "Charlie".  I have known Charlie for at least fifteen years.  I worked with him at Resurrection Medical Center.

Charlie, is an expert in managing all the issues of setting up, repairing, and everything else that is needed to keep all the telephones operating in the hospital.  But in addition to that, Charlie is someone who reminds the world around him of the presence of a loving and caring God.

Charlie begins each day attending the 6:15 a.m. Mass in the hospital Chapel and from there he goes out to help wherever he is needed.  Charlie does not limit his service to fixing problems with phones.  Charlie cares about people.  He stops to ask colleagues about their ill family member, or to offer a hand moving heavy boxes.  One of the most touching acts of kindness occurred one rather cold day.  A homeless man was brought by ambulance to the Emergency Room.  He was cared for and then when he was ready to be discharged someone noticed that he had no shoes.  Staff began to look around for some kind of slippers that could be given him.  Charlie was in the Emergency Room fixing a phone and he heard about the poor man's need for shoes.  Charlie had just purchased a wonderful pair of shinny, comfortable black shoes.  He went up to the cart where the homeless man was lying, gave him one shoe to try on.  The shoe fit, so Charlie took off the second shoe and gave both shoes to the homeless man.  Then Charlie put on a pair of paper surgical shoe covers so he could go back to doing his work.

A couple of years ago, Charlie wanted to do something very special to remind everyone of the real meaning of Christmas.  So he purchased several miniature houses and a nativity set and created a "Bethlehem Village" on the ground floor of the hospital.  Families waiting for patients in surgery, employees on their lunch break, visitors, and volunteers started to sit by the Bethlehem Village and pause from their work or their worries.  People began to tell others about this quiet reflective place where they could sit and remember the Christmas Story and the real meaning of the holiday.

This year Charlie grew his village and now it stands in the entrance to the hospital.  Miniature lights cover the artificial trees around the village and in the background Christmas music plays.

Charlie, is a reminder to all of us of how one person can "make a difference".  It doesn't take big things to brighten lives or brighten the world.  It is the little things that warm the heart.  God came on a cold winter night as a small helpless baby.  Charlie, thank you for reminding us about the real message of Christmas!

Full picture of the Bethlehem Village at Resurrection Medical Center

Close up of the Manager

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Behind the Scenes of "Beauty and the Beast"

Congratulations to the entire cast, production staff and production crews of Resurrection's Fall Production, "Beauty and the Beast".  It was a fantastic 5 star musical that was enjoyed by all ages.

I had the awesome privilege of being back stage with the cast for forty-five minutes before each of the three  performances.  It was so inspiring to watch Ms. Bohlander and Ms. Foszcz help the cast prepare with various exercises for voice control, articulation, pitch and volume, as well as walking and movement exercises to help them focus their whole body on the character they were going to portray. 

As Ms. Bohlander directed the cast to enter into the mind of their character and then into the mind of Belle, I found myself reflecting on how the students were learning more than acting skills, they were learning lifelong lessons about empathy.  Ms. Bohlander and Ms. Foszcz were teaching the cast about compassion, and about entering into the heart and mind of others.  What a powerful lesson.

I was honored to be able to participate before each performance in the circle of prayer led by the seniors.  Together the members of the cast and crew prayed to their favorite saints, asked for blessings on their performance, and offered petitions for so many other people and intentions which they carry in their hearts.  I was moved to hear them pray for children who would be watching the play.  They prayed that the children would find hope, magic and inspiration in life. They prayed for the people of Paris who suffered so much at the hands of terrorists, for ill family members and for so many other people.  I was inspired by the genuine goodness of these young actresses and actors.  Perhaps their ability to convey the message of unselfish love which is the core message of "Beauty and the Beast," came from the deep generous love that these actresses and actors carry in their own hearts and lives!

Thank you for the honor of observing your work backstage!

Alexis Lehner and Lauren Kuszynski
Angela Yonan

Kayla DiFranco

Monday, November 30, 2015

A Day of Blessing

On November 19, 2015 we celebrated the completion of several very important projects at Resurrection: 
  • Interior Ring Road in the Front of the School
  • Back Parking Lot
  • Think Tank
  • Innovation Lab
A new beautiful icon of Mary that hangs in the chapel was also blessed.

Bishop Robert Kurtz presided at the all school Mass and then processed with student leaders to each of the sites.  At each site student leaders invited the Bishop to bless the space and those who will serve or be served in it.  

Deacon Robert Bulger from Saint Paul of the Cross assisted the Bishop and James Croegaert, singer and songwriter with Rough Stones Music, sang the closing song for the Mass.  Below are a few pictures from the event.

During the Mass

Blessing of the front road to the school

Procession to the blessing sites

Blessing of the Icon in the Chapel

Blessing of the Think Tank

Blessing of the Parking Lot

Blessing of the Innovation Lab

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Weber Award

On Saturday, November 14, 2015, the Weber Alumni Association presented an award to Resurrection College Prep High School for outstanding support given to the Weber Alumni Association.  Resurrection College Prep hosts the Annual Weber Alumni Mass and Brunch in the spring each year.   Weber High School closed in 1999 but the Alumni continue to support Catholic High School Education through their generous scholarship program.  Resurrection is grateful for the support the Weber Alumni give to our students.

Special thanks to Alisa Martorano for all the support and assistance she gives to the Weber Alumni.  Alisa helps set up for the Mass and brunch every year.

Congratulations and thanks Alisa!

Alisa Martorano and
Weber Award

Monday, November 9, 2015

Congratulations to Tina Merrick

On Friday, November 6, 2015, Tina Merrick was honored at the Polish-American 18th Annual Heritage Awards Celebration.  Tina was awarded the Educator of the Year Award.  In attendance at this wonderful event was Tina's husband, two of her daughters, colleagues and friends Cathy Blondin, Dawn Konow, Noreen Maluchnik, Sr. Stephanie, Sr. Virginia Ann, Sr. Goretti, and Sr. Donna Marie.

Tina was born into a family of Polish educators who instilled love of learning, teaching, and pride in Polish heritage, culture, and language.  Tina taught for the past 25 years at Resurrection College Prep High School, served as the Department Chair of World Languages for 11 years, and served as moderator of the French and Polish Clubs.  Tina retired in June 2015 but continues to serve as a substitute teacher at Resurrection.  In addition to teaching, Tina has also served as a troop leader, camp coordiantor, and assistant director in the Polish Girl Scouts of Chicago.  She is presently, President of the Girl's Division of Polish Scouting for the United States movement.

Congratulations Tina Merrick!  We are all so proud of you.

Tina Merrick 

Tina holding her award

Noreen Maluchnik was the winner of a raffle

Tina and Cathy Blondin in the back row, Sr. Stephanie, Dawn Konow and Noreen Maluchnik sitting

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Feast of Blessed Celine, a Woman With a Dream that Included All of Us at Resurrection

This week the Church and the Congregation of the Sisters of the Resurrection remember Blessed Celine Borzecka, the Foundress of the Congregation of the Sisters of the Resurrection in a special way.  Monday, October 26th is the one hundred and seventh anniversary of her death and Tuesday, October 27th is the eighth anniversary of the beatification of Celine. 

Blessed Celine lived in a time when women had limited opportunities for an education and no significant roles in society, parish, or the workplace.  Celine believed that the role of women is essential for the transformation of society.  Celine's vision was inspired by Jesus who after His Resurrection appeared first to women and entrusted them with the mission of going and telling His disciples that He had Risen.

Blessed Celine is model and patron for wives, mothers, widows, grandmothers and religious. 
Celine's vision is the cornerstone of education at Resurrection College Prep High School.  Let us thank God for the gift and example of this gentle, loving, and courageous woman who listened to the voice of God and inspires us to do the same.

Click on the short video below for a snapshot of Blessed Celine's life.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Visitors from Rome

Last week we had two very special guests from Rome!  Our visitors were the Superior General of the Sisters of the Resurrection, Mother Teresa Maria, C.R. and her Asssistant, Sister Jeanne Marie, C.R.
They visited with students, faculty and staff as they toured several of the recently completed projects such as the Think Tank and the Innovation Lab.  Both Mother Teresa and Sister Jeanne Marie admired the Icon of Mary that was hung in the Chapel last Easter.

Back row:  Mother Teresa Maria, C.R. and Sister Jeanne Marie, C.R.
Front row:  Joseph Lascon, Maureen Gillespie, and Nina Stuckel

Monday, October 12, 2015

Congratulations Sr. Paulette, C.R., You Are a Blessing!

Kind, Compassionate, Joyful, to Know Her is to Love Her, Full of Life, Fun to Be With, True Reflection of God's Love, Always Putting Others First, these are a few of the descriptions her Sisters in Community and her Community at Resurrection College Prep use to describe Sister Paulette.  This year Sister Paulette celebrates 50 years in religious life.  Below is a short slide show of pictures taken over the years!

We wish Sister Paulette the very best and God's blessing always!  Sister Paulette, you are a blessing to us all!


Friday, October 9, 2015

A Special Month - Dedicated to Each of Us and All of Us

In his recent address to Congress, Pope Francis reminded us all that:  "The Golden Rule also reminds us of our responsibility to protect and defend human life at every stage of its development.  I am convinced that this way is the best, since every life is sacred, every human person is endowed with an inalienable dignity."

The American Bishops have designated the whole month of October as a month to celebrate the gift of life, the gift that is ours from the moment of conception until the moment we leave this life for eternal life!

So let's celebrate by giving a hug to our parents and grandparents and thank them for the precious gift of life.  Let's also take time to thank God for loving us into life!


Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Disney Character Winner

The winner of the "Guess the Disney Character" Contest is:  Mallory Coakley.  Mallory identified all eight members of the "Morning Broadcasters" and their Disney Costumes correctly!  Mallory will be receiving a gift card to Dunkin Donuts!  Congratulations Mallory!

left to right:  Frederika-as self, Gillian-Disney park employee, Sophia-Nemo in a bag, Lorena-Mickey Mouse from Fantasia, Bailey-Wendy, Samantha-Minnie, Ms. Foszcz-as self, Tierney-Lucky

Monday, October 5, 2015

Highlights from Spirit Week

Last week Resurrection College Prep High School celebrated Spirit Week.  Everyday had a wonderful theme and activities that everyone could enjoy and participate in.  Here are a few highlights.

Monday, was the Pep Rally.  All the sports teams prepared excellent routines that demonstrated their team spirit and talent.  There were games and then there was the traditional Tug of War.  After winning the contest against all the other classes, the seniors competed against the faculty...it was a very difficult contest and in the end the faculty won.  However, rumor has it that the Seniors really didn't have the heart to let the faculty loose so, toward the end the seniors let up just a little and well...seeing the teachers so over-joyed about winning was reward enough for the seniors. 

Tuesday, was Walk-a-Thon day.  A little drizzle did not dampen anyone's spirits as the student,  staff members and parent volunteers stretched out across several blocks walking to their destination, the Pickwick Theatre.  

Friday was Disney character day.  There were lots of wonderful costumes and Disney characters from across the decades.  Here is a little contest for you.  Look at the picture below and see if you can name the Disney Characters and the students who are dressed as the characters.  Send your answers in to the blog.  The first student to get the most right answers will win a prize!  And of  course there is an extra point for naming the faculty member correctly.


Thursday, September 24, 2015

Sharing A Great Moment

September 24th was an extraordinary day both in the United States and at Resurrection College Prep High School.  It has been a historical day with Pope Francis addressing the Joint Meeting of Congress, and the Nation.  Here at Resurrection the entire school participated in the extraordinary event by coming together in the gym and watching the Holy Father on two large screens.  It was a moving event and a wonderful opportunity for all of us to feel connected closely as a Catholic/Christian Community and as American Citizens. 

Viewing the Pope Francis' Address to Congress

After the Holy Father delivered his address three members of the faculty:  Ms. Marianne Boe, Sr. Mary Ann Meyer, and Mr. Brad Mulick shared reflections on the historic and pastoral implications of the Pope's address.  Their summaries and highlights were so inspiring that I want to share them on the blog.  Their ability to concisely articulate the Pope's message and to connect it with the goals of Catholic education and content covered in classes was truly awesome! 

        Ms. Marianne Boe

   Sr. Mary Ann Meyer  Mr. Brad Mulick

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Resurrection Men's Club Sponsor 2015 Golf Outing

Thank you to the Resurrection Men's Club for planning and running a great outing.  It was a beautiful day and a lot of fun.  Although heavy rains from the previous day caused major flooding at the Tam O' Shanter Golf Course and made it impossible to golf, everyone had fun participating in the other events.  It was wonderful to have a large number of alumnae among the guests at the event.  Twenty-four alumnae attended and are pictured below.  If you were not able to come the event this year, make sure to plan on coming in 2016. 

Thank you to the Men's Club, you did a great job!  

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Reaching Out to a Family in Need

This past summer, one of our seniors, Allison Liesz reached out to help a family in Coal City, Illinois who suffered devastating damages from a tornado.  With the help of her mom and a friend of the family, Allison was able to raise $600.00 and then purchase supplies for a needy family.  They travelled down to Coal City to deliver the supplies and visit with the family.  Allison was able to make a difference in the life of one family in Coal City this summer.  

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

My Secret Garden

September has a lot of wonderful feasts dedicated to Mary:  September 8th is Mary's Birthday, September 12th is dedicated to her holy name, and today we celebrate the feast of Mary under the title of Our Lady of Sorrows.  So I thought this might be a perfect time to share my secret dream come true.

When I was young I had a secret dream that someday I would plant a "Mary Garden" and grow flowers that would remind everyone who saw them of Mary and all the wonderful qualities we can learn from her.  Well finally my dream came true.  Three years ago I began planting my Mary Garden.  Today I have over 100 different types of flowers that bloom from early spring to late fall.  From each flower we can learn about Mary and the special qualities she possesses. 

I would like to take you on a tour of my secret Mary Garden where you will see white fall clematis and scarlet Rebecca clematis, clinging to an arbor and reminding us of Mary's fidelity to Jesus as she clung to His cross on Good Friday.  You will also see chrysanthemums that symbolize joyful reassurance, and purple asters that symbolize loyalty and love.  And many other flowers.

Please notice the beautiful large arbor and patio block path, which a Maine South Eagle Scout and his team built as their project this spring.  These expanded my dream beyond what I ever imagined.

So never stop dreaming.  Some dreams can take years to come true, but as the song goes:  " If your heart is in your dream, no request is too extreme."


Thursday, September 10, 2015

Welcome to the New Main Entrance

The day has finally arrived for the reopening of the main entrance, MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 14th! 

The entrance has a grand new look with gray and red pavers instead of a black top surface on the internal roadways,  new parking areas, large concrete planters with lovely flowers, and colorful perennial plants on both sides of the entrance way!  The new look says "Welcome" and "We are Proud of Our Resurrection Family and School".

Ms. Kathie Foszcz, Bailey White, and
Nicole Le Boeuf Welcome Everyone
A look at the new roadway from above

Friday, September 4, 2015

Resurrection Engineers

Mr. Merle Green
Mr. Merle Green has taken students at Resurrection College Prep High School to a new and exciting level of learning!  Engineering, robotics and using the principles of math and creativity to build a better tomorrow!  There is a whole new excitement in the school as students begin to use the challenging principles of math and science to dream and create simple solutions today and maybe some life changing solutions tomorrow!

Res Students Engineering the Future
Creativity in Action

Mr. Green, did your students actually create this robotic equipment to help install the pavers for our school's new roadway?

New Energy in the Library

Ms. Ann Marie
Ms. Ann Marie Schneider is always looking for new ways to make the Resurrection College Prep Library the ideal place for students to study and work on projects.  This year Ms. Schneider added to the Library several new chairs called Safco Zenergy Ball Chairs!  These chairs not only create an environment with a fun and spunky look, but also provide support for better posture and balance.  These chairs are believed to help provide some physical movement which helps keep the body relaxed, and the mind open, focused and engaged in studying.  So students let Ms. Schneider and her assistant Ms. Olker know if these chairs help you study better!
Ms. Ellen Olker &
 Safco Zenergy Ball Chairs

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Sneak Preview of the Main Entrance

It is exciting to see the progress being made on the internal road way in front of the school.  Today the construction team began the work of laying the semipermeable pavers! 

The upgrades to the landscape at the front entrance of the school also looks wonderful. 

The new roadways and parking in the front will create a safer, environmentally responsible, and   welcoming entrance.

Semipermeable pavers being installed


Close up of pavers

One of the new concrete planters

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Congratulations to Our Very Own "Star on Ice"

This summer Sophomore, Emily Murdach competed along with other members of her Figure Skating Team from Niles Iceland, in the 2015 World Ice Skating Institute Competition.  This competition hosted 81 teams from 17 states and 6 international teams.  The total number of participants in the competion was 2,755.  The competition consisted of a week long series of events.

Emily Murdach took Gold (first place) in all individual events except for three and these she placed Silver (second place).

Emily, congratulations, we are so very proud of you!  We wish you blessings as you move on to many more opportunities to compete!  God be with you!