Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Advent a Time for Leaping

One of my favorite Advent readings is from the Song of Songs.  It metaphorically speaks of God loving us so much that he "Comes leaping on the mountains and bounding over hills."  Advent is truly a time for all of us to leap with hearts full of Charity and Truth.

Wednesday evening the Chamber Ensamble under the direction of Mike Longo moved the hearts of their audience to reflect, and leap for joy over the TRUTH of God's love and presence among us.  Their selection of music and their beautiful harmony brought the Advent Season alive.   We can be very proud of this talented group and thank them for helping us remember the "Miracle of the Season," and helping us leap with joy!

Earlier this week, the "Seekers Club" with their Moderators, Brad Mulick and Sr. Mary Ann, connected CHARITY to Advent by transporting a bus-load of food and supplies to the New Hope Pantry.  These donations are gifts from students and staff.  The food in turn will be dispersed by New Hope to individuals and families who are in desparate need.  The "Seekers" remind us that Advent is a time for CHARITY, and as their picture below shows, to give generously from the heart makes one leap with joy and new life.

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