Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Thank You to Halina Carlson and Chris Hays

Thank you to Halina Carlson and Chris Hays for making the School Entrance a Beautiful Christmas Wonderland!  Every holiday Ms. Carlson and Ms. Hays make the entrance to the school welcoming and festive with bright and beautiful decorations and of course everyday students, staff and guests are greeted with their warm and friendly smiles as well as the smile of Sr. Paulette!

From all of us, "Thank you Ms. Carlson, Ms. Hays and Sr. Paulette for brightening everyday!"

Friday, December 12, 2014

Our 2014 Christmas Card

Congratulations to Cecylia Rudel, Class of 2015 for the design concept for Resurrection College Prep High School's 2014 Christmas Card!  We are so proud our students and their creative talents.  Last year and this year our Christmas Card has been designed by a student!

Cover of the Christmas Card

Back of the Card

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Rocking Nicholas - An Advent/Christmas Story

Six years ago, on a cold December evening I received a call from a nurse in the newborn nursery.  “Sister, are you busy?”  “We have a baby who needs a little TLC.   Could you come and rock him?” 

Minutes later I was in the nursery where I learned the story.  “His birth mom,” the nurse said,  “in compliance with Illinois Infant Safe Haven Law, brought him to the ER and asked the staff  make sure he is given a good home".   The mom handed them a bag with two infant outfits and a list of family illnesses.  She kissed her baby one last time and left.

“We named him Nicholas, because he was born so close to Christmas,” said the nurse. 

The processes for foster care and adoption would begin in a couple of days, but for tonight Nicholas would be under the hospital’s care.  I was only asked to rock Nicholas for an hour but I would carry his story with me for the rest of my life.

As I rocked Nicholas, I studied his face and pondered the Christmas message.  Nicholas’ birth will always be a mystery.  Thinking of his mother, I whispered, “Nicholas, I hope someday you will realize how deeply your mother loved you.  In what must have been a confusing nine months, she chose to give you a chance at life.  She protected you, nourished and cradled you beneath her heart.  She felt your every movement and respected your little personhood.  She did not abandon you but rather entrusted you to a family who could love and care for you."

Continuing to rock Nicholas, I thought about Christmas and the depth of God's love.  I marveled as I reflected on how much God trusts us.  God's love and trust are so unconditional that He sent His only Son into our world, not as a strong and independent adult, but as a fragile and totally dependent infant!  God's son would not be born in a castle or villa but in a stable where animals take shelter. 

People will look at Nicholas and never comprehend the depth of the love story behind his arrival at the hospital.  They will think he was abandoned and unwanted, but in reality he was reverenced and respected by a mother who wanted him to live and grow in a family that could care for him.  Likewise, people looked at Jesus and thought they knew where He came from, but they really didn’t know.  He was not the son of a carpenter as people thought, but the Son of God.  Who can comprehend the depth of love that moved God to let go of His Son and entrust Him to our care.  Could we ever love and cherish Jesus as much as God, His Father? 

After an hour a nurse took Nicholas from me.  It was then I realized that I had been holding more than baby Nicholas.  That night I held the mystery of Christmas in a new way, I held the mystery of the gift of love and trust not in an abandoned baby but in a baby entrusted to the world.

Scrubs Club Brings Christmas Joy to Resurrection Life Center

On Wednesday, December 10th, seven members of the Scrubs Club (future nurses and doctors) Kacie Bemis, Taylor Besch, Isabella Amato, Michelene Janesku, Kelsey Janesku, Alexis Lehner and Cherryshe Sinfuego joined me in a visit to the Life Center.  The club members painted the fingernails for some of the residents.  As you can see from the pictures below, the residents were very pleased and excited about their new look for Christmas. Afterwards we stayed to visit with the residents and learned about the work and dedication that was part of their younger years.  At the end of the visit the residents joined the Scrubs Club members in singing, We Wish You a Merry Christmas.  

A very important skill for all nurses and doctors is relating with people, listening to them, and making them feel relaxed and cared about...from what I observed these seven students are naturals in people skills!


Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Advent a Time for Leaping

One of my favorite Advent readings is from the Song of Songs.  It metaphorically speaks of God loving us so much that he "Comes leaping on the mountains and bounding over hills."  Advent is truly a time for all of us to leap with hearts full of Charity and Truth.

Wednesday evening the Chamber Ensamble under the direction of Mike Longo moved the hearts of their audience to reflect, and leap for joy over the TRUTH of God's love and presence among us.  Their selection of music and their beautiful harmony brought the Advent Season alive.   We can be very proud of this talented group and thank them for helping us remember the "Miracle of the Season," and helping us leap with joy!

Earlier this week, the "Seekers Club" with their Moderators, Brad Mulick and Sr. Mary Ann, connected CHARITY to Advent by transporting a bus-load of food and supplies to the New Hope Pantry.  These donations are gifts from students and staff.  The food in turn will be dispersed by New Hope to individuals and families who are in desparate need.  The "Seekers" remind us that Advent is a time for CHARITY, and as their picture below shows, to give generously from the heart makes one leap with joy and new life.

Letter from Cardinal George

Below please find a beautiful letter from Cardinal George to the whole Resurrection College Prep Family!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Advent, Season of Charity and Truth

Recently, while speaking with two students I was impressed with how clearly their description of Charity and Truth  connected with the Advent and Christmas Season.  One described the connection as the "Miracle of God's Love".  She said that even when things seem impossible and perhaps even bad, God is there with His love and goodness and surprises us with the miracle of His love.

The other student shared how she sees all of us being called to continually watch for opportunities to give love to others, especially the lonely and abandoned.

Blessed Advent!