Sunday, November 2, 2014

Featuring Sister Kathleen, C.R.

Let's interview Sister Kathleen, C.R., a current member of the Resurrection College Prep High School Campus Ministry Team!

Question:  Where were you born?
Answer:  I was born in the state of New York.
Question:  Do you have any brothers or sisters?
Answer:  I have two half brothers, Tony, who lives in Arlington Heights and Frank who lives in New York.
Question:  When did you first feel a call to be a Sister?
Answer:  I first felt "called" to be a Sister in 1st grade.  I got to know the Sisters of the Resurrection as "real people" when I was at Maria Regina High School in New York.  The Sisters always made an impression on me as being holy women but also women who understood young women and how we could make a difference in this world.
Question:  What was one of the most memorable moments in your religious life?
Answer:  There are many memorable moments in my religious life.  I think the most memorable one is the day I made my Final Profession in 1971 and given my profession cross (which had been worn by my favorite teacher in high school).  My cross is my most cherished possession.
Question:  What interesting information can you share with us that few people know about you?
Answer:  I once coached cheerleaders and I was pretty good at bowling!

Sr. Kathleen as a freshman in high school
Sr. Kathleen in the center as a postulant

Sr. Kathleen is the 4th Novice from the left
Sr. Kathleen today as part of Resurrection's
Campus Ministry Team

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