Saturday, November 29, 2014

The December Spotlight is on Sr. Paulette, C.R.

As we continue to celebrate the Year Honoring Consecrated Life, December's spotlight is being put on Sister Paulette.  Sister Paulette lives up to her name which means, little Paul.  Like Saint Paul, Sister is small in stature but like Paul she has a huge impact on the lives of the people she meets and works with.  Sister Paulette fills the world around her with smiles, kind words, and lots of care.  She is always ready to lend a hand or promise a prayer.  Lets learn more about Sister Paulette.

Question:  Sister Paulette, where were you born?
Answer:  Saint Anthony's Hospital in Chicago.

Question:  Do you have any brothers or sisters?
Answer:  I had a stepbrother, Richard, who is now deceased.

Question:  When did you first feel a call to be a Sister?
Answer:  I first felt a sense of God calling me when I was in the 2nd grade.  Twenty-two years later I really knew this is what God was calling me to and I decided to give my whole life to Him.

Question:  What was one of the most memorable moments in your religious life?
Answer:  The day of my final vows was the most memorable day of my life.  On that day I learned how important it is to live one day at a time.  One day is all we can handle because that is all God asks of us and He gives us the grace needed for only one day at a time.

Question:  What interesting information can you share with us that few people know about you?
Answer:  Few people know that before I entered the convent I was an I.B.M key punch operator.  Also, a lot of people don't know that I enjoy art and love animals.

Sr. Paulette when she was 5years old
Sr. Paulette, her brother Richard & his wife

Sr. Paulette today - assistant in the front
office & in the lunch room
Resurrection College Prep High School 

Sr. Paulette when she worked in Day Care

Friday, November 14, 2014

"Francis Cardinal George Day" at Resurrection

As our thank you to Francis Cardinal George for his seventeen years of being our Shepherd we are celebrating Monday, November 17th as "Francis Cardinal George Day" at Resurrection College Prep High School.  It is a day we will all raise our prayers in gratitude and petition that God may be with Cardinal George and bless him in everyday.

Raising our hearts and prayers!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Scrubs Club Meets with Faculty from Loyola

On Tuesday, November 11th the 46 members of the Scrubs Club met with 3 members of the faculty of Loyola University's Marcella Niehoff School of Nursing. Kimberly J. Oosterhouse, RN, PhD,CCRN, Colleen Shayan,RN,MSN and Ann Andreoni,DNP, FNP-BC, ANP-BC, CEN answered questions about the nursing program at Loyola, what attracted them to nursing, what continues to inspire and give them energy to care for others, and many other questions. It was a great seminar and ended with the distribution of the club shirts which just arrived.

Front of Scrubs Club Shirt
Back of Scrubs Club Shirt

Scrubs Club Meeting

Congratulations Ramina Oraha

On Thursday, November 6th Salute, Inc. joined Resurrection for an all school assembly honoring Veterans for their dedication and service.  Special honor was paid to a courageous alumna, Ramina Oraha of the class of 2003. Ramina joined the Air Force in 2005 and had the rank of a Senior Airmen. In 2006 Ramina was deployed to the Iraq War where she sustained an injury. Later in 2008 Ramina suffered a stroke which affected her speech and walking. Her positive attitude, supportive parents and dedicated therapists have helped make great progress. We are very proud of the students of Resurrection who prepared a beautiful program for the assembly and raised money which they donated to Salute, Inc. for their work with Veterans and their families.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Featuring Sister Kathleen, C.R.

Let's interview Sister Kathleen, C.R., a current member of the Resurrection College Prep High School Campus Ministry Team!

Question:  Where were you born?
Answer:  I was born in the state of New York.
Question:  Do you have any brothers or sisters?
Answer:  I have two half brothers, Tony, who lives in Arlington Heights and Frank who lives in New York.
Question:  When did you first feel a call to be a Sister?
Answer:  I first felt "called" to be a Sister in 1st grade.  I got to know the Sisters of the Resurrection as "real people" when I was at Maria Regina High School in New York.  The Sisters always made an impression on me as being holy women but also women who understood young women and how we could make a difference in this world.
Question:  What was one of the most memorable moments in your religious life?
Answer:  There are many memorable moments in my religious life.  I think the most memorable one is the day I made my Final Profession in 1971 and given my profession cross (which had been worn by my favorite teacher in high school).  My cross is my most cherished possession.
Question:  What interesting information can you share with us that few people know about you?
Answer:  I once coached cheerleaders and I was pretty good at bowling!

Sr. Kathleen as a freshman in high school
Sr. Kathleen in the center as a postulant

Sr. Kathleen is the 4th Novice from the left
Sr. Kathleen today as part of Resurrection's
Campus Ministry Team

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Wake Up The World

Wake Up The World is the theme chosen by Religious in the United States for the year-long celebration of Consecrated Life.  Pope Francis officially proclaimed 2015 as a year for the whole Church and its members to celebration "the beauty of following Christ" in the various types of religious vocations.  The year of celebration begins in November 30, 2014 and ends February 2, 2015.  To help celebrate, every month from November 2014 to February 2015 I will feature a Sister who works at Resurrection College Prep HIgh School or who graduated from Resurrection College Prep High School.  I hope you will enjoy learning a little bit about some Sisters you know and some you might not know yet. Make sure to visit the President's Blog to see pictures of the Sisters and read some interesting stories.