Wednesday, October 8, 2014


October is "RESPECT LIFE MONTH."   Pope Francis asks us to reflect on how we find the face of Christ in the frail, vulnerable, unborn, children, adults, handicapped, elderly, and the poor.  Everyday we have opportunities to participate  in miracles, some are little and some are big.  All we need is "CHARITAS" or "LOVE."  As part of our celebration of "Respect Life Month" you are invited to hear 4 true stories of how:

  • curiosity and love created a new life for a baby found in a brown paper bag in the parking lot at Resurrection Medical Center, 
  • a young marine entering the wrong patient room brought peace to a dying man, 
  • a mistaken identity brought flowers and joy to others for over 20 years, 
  • a little brother's singing nurtured his premature sister to "life",
Join us in the Development Department either during Seminar B on October 22nd 
or during Seminar A on October 24th.  

Everyone is welcome.  And if you have a story, you can share it too!

Baby Jessica - found in a paper bag in 1980 has a beautiful follow-up story

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