Friday, October 31, 2014

Do You Know These Trick- or-Treaters?

Happy Halloween!
Do you recognize the "Trick-or-Treaters" in this picture?
The first student to enter the correct names in the "comment" section of the blog will receive a special "Treat".


  1. Gillian VanBrenk, Ms. Foscz, Nicole LeBeouf, Sophia Avevedo, Bailey White, Ms. Bohlander

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  3. Gillian Vanbrenk, Ms. Foszcz, Nicole LeBeouf, Sophia Acevedo, Bailey White, and Ms. Bohlander

  4. cher maleficent Pocahontas Dionne tigger hard working old timy farmer lady

    i dont know their real names... sorry:D

  5. Thank you for participating in the Halloween Fun! Katia Velisaris was the first to contact me with the correct answers and with the information that my Blog is blocked out on your Chromebooks in school! Imagine the surprise to me! It was my Halloween Trick! Thanks to Brad Czernik that has been corrected and my blog now opens in school. So we have 3 first Winners! Katia Velisaris, Mallory Coakley, and Emily Aponte. Happy and Safe Halloween to all. Sr. Donna