Saturday, September 13, 2014

Inspiring Missionaries

This Saturday, September 13th I had the opportuntiy to participate in a beautiful and inspiring commissioning of over a dozen and a half physicians, nurses, chaplains, and interpreters who will be going on a Medical Mission Trip.  This group is part of SOLIDARITY BRIDGE, a Catholic group who have been making medical mission trips to Bolivia and Paraguay for fifteen years.  The commissioning took place during the evening Mass at Saint Nicholas Church in Evanston.  I have been blessed to serve on the Board of Directors of Solidarity Bridge for several years.  During this time I have been so impressed and inspired by the generous support so many Chicago area physicians and nurses give to helping bring  medical care to the poorest in the mountain villages of these two South American Countries.  Our physicians also train the doctors in Bolivia and Paraguay to do more advanced surgical procedures.

The missionaries who were commissioned on Saturday will be leaving for Bolivia on September 24th.  I promised the missionaries I would ask you to join me in praying for them during their ten day service trip.  They will travel for over 18 hours, taking a plane to Florida, then transfer to a second plane that will take them to Bolivia and finally a third smaller plane will take them into the rural area of the country where they will board a bus that will take them to the mountain villages. Please join me in praying that they may be safe, that they may bring healing and hope to many!  May God go with them!

                                                     Missionaries being commissioned                                                                                                


Patients in waiting room in a Bolivian Village 

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