Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Your Chromebook Team


Summer break is quickly coming to a close!  What to some may seem like a long summer to Brad Czernik and Joseph Lascon was a short period of time to prepare everything for the exciting new adventure in education at Resurrection, the CHROMEBOOK! 

For Brad Czernik the challenging and vital task was to complete the upgrade to the wireless infrastructure throughout the entire building!

For Joseph Lascon the most important and timely task was to train the faculty on Google Apps for education and the Hapara management software!

After hours, days and weeks of hard work Brad Czernik and Joseph Lascon are "all smiles" and want you to know:  "All systems are ready to go!"

Thank you Brad Czernik and Joseph Lascon, you are a great team!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Welcome to Julie Reilly Fadell

This summer we welcomed Julie Reilly Fadell to Resurrection College Prep High School as our new grant writer.  As our grant writer, Ms. Fadell will work to identify and apply for funding to help support faith development, academic and athletic programs, as well as support capital campaigns, and scholarship and tuition assistance programs.

Ms. Fadell has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business and Administration from Southern Illinois University.   Ms. Fadell served as a Grants and Research Specialist for the City of Chicago Department of Housing.