Monday, March 31, 2014

More about Maria Hawk

More about Maria Hawk
What attracted Maria Hawk to Resurrection College Prep High School?

In her own words:  “I became aware of this opening through an acquaintance who coaches at Resurrection.  She had much praise for Resurrection and told me that the climate of the school ‘is like nothing else you have ever seen.’

“I am personally committed to Catholic education and the impact the Gospel message can have on the life-time experiences of students.  I firmly believe in the value of an all-girls school and see the education it can offer as being an uplifting and liberating experience for young women.”

What are Maria Hawk’s goals as a principal?

As a Principal Maria Hawk is committed to collaborating with faculty, students and parents to create a strong Faith-centered, Service Oriented and Rigorous Academic environment where all students have the opportunity to develop their gifts, talents and dreams.  As a leader she is mission driven and works to ensure that every member of the faculty has a chance to develop and use their talents, as well as share in the visioning and the planning of a strong and integrated curriculum.

What is Maria Hawk’s involvement in school sports?

Maria played volleyball at UIC, and has coached for various clubs and youth organizations and schools for over 8 years.  While serving as Principal at Incarnation she also served as a coach for the Ignite Volleyball Club.  The Ignite Volleyball Club is devoted to giving athletes a positive experience in individual skill building, team dynamics and strategy, and the tools to bring them to the next level of play. 

(Please see the Resurrection College Prep Website for complete details on the appointment of Maria Hawk as Resurrection College Prep's Principal.)

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