Thursday, April 12, 2018

Last night, April 11th, the Sisters of the Resurrection honored three  members of the Resurrection College Prep High School staff:  Kathleen Heneghan, Alisa Martorano and Mary Kaye Ulczak.   The celebration was to recognize them upon the completion of the Resurrection Leadership Formation Program. 
All three are alumna of Resurrection, all three have spent most of their adult life working at Resurrection, all three are passionate about Catholic Education and in particular the education of young women in academics and faith.
 Three years ago Kathleen, Alisa and Mary Kaye became the first to embark on a new journey, a Resurrection Leadership Formation Program.  They were brave pioneers who invested hours of time, work, and personal contributions in order to deepen their understanding of, commitment to and leadership role in witnessing and teaching the values, vision and goals of our Resurrection charism, pedagogy and most importantly the Gospel challenge and call to women. 

The Sisters of the Resurrection are privileged and honored to have lay partners like Kathleen, Alisa and Mary Kaye.

Alisa Martorano, Sr. Donna Marie, Mary Kaye Ulczak, and Kathleen Heneghan

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Res Students Compete at WYSE

Resurrection College Prep High School is extremely proud of students who competed in the WYSE Regional competition at Oakton Community College in February and the students who participated in the WYSE Sectional Competition in Libertyville in March.


Regional Competition:
  Brenda Bortis '18 (English)
  Angela Christie '19 (Engineering Graphics)
  Danielle Nebril '18 (English)
  Kathryn Osepek '18 (Physics)
  Shuru Wang '20 (Engineering Graphics)
  Chloe Zwolfer '18 (Computer Science and Math)
  Casey Brannigan '21 (Engineering Graphics)
  Jenna George '19 (Biology)
  Madilyn Rose Haughey '21(Physics)
  Emily Kadus '19 (Math)
  Abigail Lantvit '19 (Biology)
  Anastasia Mourikes '18 (Biology)
  Ella Narowski '21 (Engineering Graphics)
  Kayla Villaraza '21 (Engineering Graphics)
  Kierra Villaraza '19 (Math)

Sectional Competition:
 Brenda Bortis '18 (English)
 Chengrui Wu '18 (Math)
 Shuru Wang '20 (Engineering Graphics)
 Angela Christie '19 (Engineering Graphics)
 Kathryn Osepek '18 (Physics)

Two Qualified for State Level Competition:
 Brenda Bortis '18 (English)
 Chengrui Wu '18 (Math)

Chengrui Wu and Brenda Bortis

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Easter Wishes!

May the Peace and Joy of the Risen Lord fill your hearts and homes at this Holy Season of Easter!
Please know that the Sisters of the Resurrection will be praying for you and your families during this beautiful season, a season that clearly declares God's unconditional love for all of us and each of us.  Please remember us in your prayers as well!
HAPPY EASTER and have a wonderful spring break!

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Thank You to Ten Special Hostesses

A special thank you to ten students who generously gave of their time to serve as hostesses at the 2018 Charity & Truth Gala.  They welcomed guests helped them with coat check and registration, sold raffle tickets, helped guests find their tables and helped with other tasks. 

We were very proud of the warm hospitality shown by our Resurrection students. So many of the guests remarked about the gracious and cordial demeanor of our hostesses!  I responded:  "That is so typical of our young ladies from Res."

Thank you for helping make the Charity & Truth Gala a success:
                                                                                         Taylor Besch
                                                                                         Kayla DiFranco
                                                                                         Bridgid Early
                                                                                         Alyssa Hecker
                                                                                         Abigail Lantvit
                                                                                         Giuliana LaPorte
                                                                                         Rosemary Mullaghy
                                                                                         Gabriella O'Hehir
                                                                                         Amy Talley 
                                                                                         Bridget Zegler

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Congratulations to Ms. Bridget Kancler and the Resurrection College Prep Choir

Guests at the 2018 Charity & Truth Gala were amazed by the outstanding performance of the Resurrection Choir under the direction of Bridget Kancler.  The performance was perfect and the audience was so engaged that one could hear a pin drop. 
The choir opened the evening with the song, "Seasons of Love" and called the guests to prayer with the song, "Beautiful City."
Congratulations to:
Ms. Bridget Kancler, Director of the Choir
and Choir Members
Class of 2018
Nathalie Hoste
Maribel Pagan
Mary Schafer
Adriana Whitmore
Class of 2019
Maggie Beese
Isabella Clifford
Stacey Coakley
Giang Vu
Class of 2020
Alyssa Esposito
Marol Kolbash
Rachel McNutt
Maria Santamaria
Natalie Shamon
Class of 2021
Emma Suing

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Seniors Pioneering a New Class

Eleven Seniors, with a passion for serving others as physicians, nurses, physician assistants, physical therapists, and dieticians are pioneering a new STREAM class at Res to help prepare themselves for their future college experiences.  The class Health Science, Integration & Exploration, is giving these seniors the opportunity to experiment with and integrate the principles they learned in previous science, technology, art, religion, math courses and even getting exposed to some health engineering examples to prepare for the challenging and complex issues and skills they will need in their health care studies.  

Brenda Bortis, Alexandrea Calcagno, Taylor Cohen, Maeve Douherty, Marissa Fico, MaryKate Hogan, Sophia Kolbash, Colleen Marks, Kristin McLenighan, Mary Quinn and Camille Sposato are now into the 7th week of the course have had opportunities to learn how to take blood pressures, interview patients, identify some basic cardiac rhythms,  work collaboratively in identifying symptoms of a hypertensive crisis and many other skills.  

The pictures below are of Resurrection Alumna Nicolette Apostolos, RN, BSN, CPN teaching the students how to take blood pressure readings.  Nicolette Apostolos works at Lurie Children's Hospital and is beginning her work on a Master's  Degree in Nursing.